VIDEO: Meet the world’s youngest DJ: 4-year-old Archie Norbury [May 11, 2020]

  • This week's video is about a four-year-old music prodigy 
  • Make sure to check out the answers and script as well
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Watch the video and answer questions 1-10 

1. Artist profile: (i) _________ Archie Norbury, a four-year-old (ii) _________ based in Hong Kong

2. What name does Archie Norbury go by when he’s playing in a club?

3. What do Archie’s friends think about his after-school job?
A. They agree he’s too young.
B. They think he’s not suited for it.
C. They are supportive.  
D. They are not interested in it.

4. Listen to the beginning of the video (0:30-0:47). What does “it” in the sentence “It started, sort of, early part of last year” refer to?  

5. What does John Norbury mean when he says “And you know reverse psychology”?  

6. What industry does John Norbury most likely work in?    
A. talent scouting 
B. music
C. education

D. video production    

7. Which of the following would best describe John’s reaction when he heard his son using the crossfader for the very first time?
A. unnerved
B. exasperated
C. stunned

D. angry

8. Based on the video, are the following statements True, False or Not Given (NG)? (3 marks)  
(i) John Norbury is thinking of sending his son for sound mixing classes. 
(ii) Archie started DJing at two-and-a-half years old. 

(iii) Archie has a unique way of making different sounds and music. 

9. For each word or phrase given below, find a word or phrase from the video which has the OPPOSITE meaning.  (3 marks)
(i) usual  ____________ 
(ii) off-beat____________
(iii) disconnected  ____________ 

10. Each line of the text below may have a mistake. Correct the mistake as shown in the example below.  (3 marks)
Example: Archie Norbury is the most gifted youngest DJ listed in the Guinness World Records.
(i) He is a professionally-trained artist.
(ii) His father, however, is convinced Archie will choose this career when he becomes older.
(iii) He thinks children are unlikely to change their mind.    

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