VIDEO: I tried to become TikTok famous in 5 days [May 18, 2020]

  • An SCMP reporter took on some viral challenges that are trending on the online video platform
  • Make sure to check out the answers and script as well
Doris Wai |

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Watch the video and answer questions 1-10 

1. Video summary: (i) _______ tries out various (ii) _______ while (iii) _______. (3 marks)

2. What song did Jessica choose for the dance challenge?
A. The Woah
B. The Git
C. Dua Lipa
D. none of the above   

3. For each word or phrase given below, find its ANTONYM in the video from (0:00-1:15) in the timestamp.  (3 marks)
(i) amateur  ____________ 
(ii) straightforward  ____________ 
(iii) excitement  ____________

4. What was unusual about the first Yanxi Palace outfit Jessica created?

5. Why did Jessica use a toilet roll for her second Yanxi Palace outfit? 

6. Items used in movie poster challenge:  
ring light / cucumber / poster / aroma diffuser / fog

7. How did Jessica feel about doing the tongue twister challenger?
A. apathetic
B. doubtful
C. positive
D. spooked

8. Based on the video, are the following statements True, False  or Not Given? (4 marks)  
(i) Jessica had some problems picking up choreography for the dance challenge initially. 
(ii) The movie poster challenge involves recreating poses from famous scenes.  
(iii) Jessica prefers Kuaishou to TikTok. 
(iv) Her flatmate thinks she aced the pose challenge. 

9. Listen to the end of the video (5:33-6:43). What is Cloud Rave used for?
A. video conferencing
B. live-streaming  
C. messaging
D. social distancing
10. Which of the following challenges is Jessica LEAST likely to attempt again?
A. movie poster
B. dance
C. Cloud Rave
D. pose

Click here for the script

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