VIDEO: Life in a Hong Kong coronavirus quarantine centre [May 25, 2020]

  • A 'Young Post' reporter describes life inside a government Covid-19 quarantine camp
  • Make sure to check out the answers and script as well
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Rhea Mogul's room at Chun Yeung Estate, Fotan. When a freelance reporter with Young Post, the student edition of the South China Morning Post, tested positive for the coronavirus on March 17, some staff (including Rhea) were taken to government quarantine camps as required under new public health rules. SCMP / Rhea Mogul


Watch the video and answer questions 1-10 

1. Purpose of video:


2. Why was Rhea at a government quarantine centre?

A.She was recovering from Covid-19.

B.She was in close contact with someone who had coronavirus.

C.She suspected herself of contracting Covid-19.

D.She was waiting to be admitted to a government hospital.

3. How long did Rhea have to stay in the quarantine centre?


4. Which word or phrase in the video in the beginning of the video (0:00-0:48) refers to “the time between somebody catching a disease and the appearance of the first symptoms”?


5. Why was Rhea concerned about how she was transported to the quarantine centre?



6. What condiment does Rhea recommend those who are also going into quarantine take along with them?

A. thermometer

B. exercise resistance band

C. chilli oil

D. snacks

7. Listen to the middle of the video (5:23-6:17). Was Rhea worried about not receiving an update about her second coronavirus test, and why?


8. According to the video, what happened to her second Covid-19 test sample?

A. It was misplaced and she had to do another test.

B. It was negative and she could leave immediately.

C. It was inaccurate and she has to extend her stay at the quarantine camp.

D. none of the above

9. How does Rhea feel about the quarantine facilities overall?

A. thankful because they provided a safe place for people to self-isolate

B. unnecessary because she did not have any symptoms of Covid-19

C. grateful because she’s always wanted to experience life in a quarantine centre

D. exasperated because they are very disorganised

10. Put the different sections from the video in chronological order from 1–4. life (3)

B.amenities provided (2)

C.packing checklist (1) monitoring (4)

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