VIDEO: Hong Kong’s pizza chefs get creative...with mixed results

  • SCMP’s Chieu chowed down some of the city’s trendiest pizzas to find out if they are indeed slice-worthy
  • Make sure to check out the answers and script as well
Doris Wai |

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Watch the video and answer questions 1-10 

1. Type of video:  __________

2. Refer to the beginning of the video (0:00-0:31) . What does Chieu think about some of the toppings found on pizzas in Hong Kong?
A. bizarre
B. gnarly
C. appetising
D. delectable

3. Did Jude like the salted egg pizza, and why? 

4. Toppings used in one of Hong Kong’s most popular pizza:

cheese / Thousand Island sauce / salmon / pineapple / beef

5. Why did Chieu say his friend would be “horribly offended” by the pizza?

6. Which phrase means “a discussion has existed for a long time”, and what does it refer to in the context of this video?

7. What was Chieu’s first impression of the Korean bulgogi beef pizza?
A. the creators of the pizza had taken it too far
B. the combination of flavours might work on a pizza
C. the toppings were interesting but the crust was unpalatable
D. none of the above

8. According to Jude, what common assumption does the bulgogi pizza prove wrong?

9. Which of the three pizzas does Jude like LEAST?
A. bulgogi beef pizza
B. salted egg pizza
C. pizza with Thousand Island sauce
D. information not given

10. What is the target audience of this video?
A. successful food entrepreneurs
B. young chefs who are learning authentic Italian cuisine
C. foodies who are keen on trying the latest food fads
D. Michelin guide inspectors

Click here for the script

Click here for the answers 

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