LISTENING ANSWERS: Hong Kong’s pizza chefs get creative...with mixed results

  • SCMP’s Chieu chowed down some of the city’s trendiest pizzas to find out if they are indeed slice-worthy
  • Now check your answers!
Doris Wai |

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1. food review

2. A

3. No, because the flavours don’t blend well. simmer

4. Thousand Island sauce; pineapple

5. because the toppings are too different from that of a classic Italian pizza / because the toppings are too different from Italian culinary traditions (any 1)

6. “age-old debate”, it refers to the discussion about whether pineapple is a pizza topping

7. B

8. beef and onion go well together/that beef and onion are complimentary flavours

9. D

10. C