5-minute listening: A healthy, delicious alternative to ice cream

  • Practise your English with our short listening exercises: play the audio linked below; answer the questions; and check the answers at the bottom of the page
  • This week’s podcast is about a guilt-free sweet treat for ice cream lovers.
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This week’s podcast talks about a new ice cream made from coconut oil that still tastes like the real thing. Photo: Shutterstock

Click on the video below for the audio.

Play a Kahoot! game about this podcast as a class or with your friends by clicking on the link here.

Or play on your own below to test your understanding:


1. If you “savour” something, you …
A. eat it eagerly and in large amounts
B. eat it quickly and with a lot of noise
C. eat it slowly in order to enjoy it as much as possible
D. eat it carefully and take a lot of small bites

2. What does the “irresistible combination of cream, cold and comfort” at the beginning of the podcast refer to?
A. milk
B. ice cream
C. sugar
D. fat

3. How does Oppo ice cream taste compared to regular ice cream?
A. less dense
B. much creamier
C. slightly grainier
D. exactly the same

4. What ingredient is used in place of cream in Oppo ice cream?
A. coconut oil
B. milk and cornstarch
C. yogurt
D. cottage cheese

5. What is “stevia”?
A. the name of a variety of ice cream
B. a type of sweetener
C. an ingredient made from coconut oil
D. a form of spice

6. Why are baobab and lacuma added to Oppo ice cream?
A. to add to its overall taste
B. to mask the smell of other unpleasant ingredients
C. to improve its texture
D. none of the above

7. Which word can replace “mouthwatering” in the podcast?
A. welcoming
B. persuasive
C. delectable
D. fascinating

8. In which continent were the Thuillier brothers travelling when they dreamed up the idea for their new product?
A. Europe
B. Asia
C. Australasia
D. South America

9. Which aspect of coconut milk surprised Charlie and Harry Thuillier?
A. how easily it can be used to make other products
B. the positive effect it has on a person’s health
C. its rich and complicated flavour profile
D. all of the above

10. How long did Charlie and Harry Thuillier spend developing Oppo?
A. half a year
B. 12 months
C. 24 months
D. two decades

11. Which country is Oppo ice cream available in according to the podcast?
A. the United Kingdom
B. the United States
C. Brazil
D. Colombia

12. How many flavours does Oppo ice cream come in?
A. three
B. eight
C. 20
D. information not given

13. Which of the following ice cream flavours are popular with customers?
A. salted caramel
B. vanilla pecan praline
C. Madagascan vanilla
D. all of the above

14. How many calories are there in each serving of Oppo ice cream?
A. 3.5
B. 15.3
C. 78
D. 225

15. What does it mean to “have your cake and eat it”?
A. accomplish something that is very easy to do
B. have two good things at the same time
C. buy something quickly and in large numbers
D. eat too many sweet and unhealthy foods


1. C
2. B
3. D
4. A
5. B
6. A
7. C
8. D
9. B
10. C
11. A
12. D
13. D
14. C
15. B


Voice 1: There is no greater pleasure than digging into a tub of your favourite ice cream and savouring every bit of the delightful dessert up to the last spoonful. That irresistible combination of cream, cold and comfort makes you ask for more. However, due to its high sugar and fat content, ice cream is not exactly the healthiest go-to snack.

Voice 2: Fret not! Two brothers have come up with Oppo ice cream, a product that is actually good for your health. It contains 60 per cent less calories and sugar than regular ice cream. And the best thing about their sweet treat is that it tastes just like the real thing!

Voice 1: How can this be? Well, it’s all a matter of ingredients. Oppo ice cream replaces cream and sugar in traditional ice cream with coconut oil and stevia – a zero calorie sugar substitute derived from a plant.

Voice 2: By adding other superfoods, like baobab and lacuma, that give the ice cream an extra punch of flavour, the end product is a mouthwatering dessert without the hidden nasties, extra calories and dodgy additives.

Voice 1: Created by Charlie and Harry Thuillier, the brothers came up with the idea for a healthier dessert while on holiday in Brazil. Passionate about all-natural foods, the brothers were astonished when they discovered the amazing health benefits of coconut milk and returned home with a mission: to make an ice cream using coconut that was both delicious and nutritious.

Voice 2: The Thuilliers immediately started working to create their dream ice cream using the freshest and highest-quality ingredients. After two years of intensive research and working with different food manufacturers, Oppo ice cream is now on the shelves in major supermarkets in the UK. From Colombian chocolate and hazelnut to caramel cookie, and the all-time favourite double chocolate brownie, there’s something for every ice cream addict.

Voice 1: Other bestselling flavours include Madagascan vanilla, salted caramel and vanilla pecan praline. The average serving of Oppo ice cream dishes up 78 calories, compared to the usual 225 calories. Each scoop contains 3.6 grams of fat, as opposed to 15.3 grams. Thanks to the Thuillier brothers, ice cream lovers can now have their cake and eat it too – or in this case, ice cream.

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