JR Assignment: Amazing teens doing remarkable things in the time of coronavirus

  • Are you or some of your friends working on a noteworthy project to help others during the Covid-19 pandemic?
  • YP would love to know about inspiring stories of teens who contributing to the fight against the outbreak
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With the world still in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we are looking for inspiring stories of teens who are banding together to help others. If you or someone you know is working on a worthwhile project to alleviate the effects of Covid-19, we would love to hear about it.

Write a feature story about what they are doing, with good photos, quotes and related background information. They could be featured on YP online and also our print product. We may also consider submitting them to the World Teenage Reporting Project  Covid-19 sponsored by the Global Youth & News Media Prize.

Submit your article to [email protected] with JR Assignment: Teens fight Covid-19 in the subject line.