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How to format and submit articles to Young Post.


Please submit a Microsoft Word document with the following information at the header.

  • Your full name (E.g. Nicola Chan Oi-ching)
  • The name of your school 
  • Your age
  • Your phone number
  • What section your submission is for (eg News article, Roll Call, Sports article, Letter to the Editor, etc)

Your text (which we also call “copy”) is next. Remember to use paragraphs. Do not insert the pictures into the word document itself, as our designers will decide where to insert them.

Remember to include the details that answer the six questions: who, what, when, where, why and how.


First of all, pictures must be high resolution (at least 300dpi). Try for close-up / action shots that add emotion to the story. We do not need a background photo with 20 people in it, as it isn’t exciting and doesn’t add any information to the story.

Secondly, write captions for your photos. Label your pictures numerically (Pic1, Pic2, Pic3)  and then describe what is happening in them like this:

Pic 1: Patrick Chan, captain of the blue-house  team, makes a 3-point shot in a game against Diocesan Boys.

Pic 2: Participants try to pop a balloon with a dart at a game booth during the school’s annual English Festival.

If there are five or fewer people in the photo, you must name them all, using their full names. 

Additionally, always provide photo credits. Never take photos off the internet. If you can, give us the name of the photographer, like this: Photo: Jessie Lee.


Email the Word document to [email protected] and attach your pictures as separate files. In the email subject line, make sure you put the section name (e.g. Roll Call, Letters to the Editor, etc.) and the topic of the article. If you don’t do this, we will not open your email because we get a very large number of emails each day.

For Junior Reporter assignments, these formatting rules still apply but please email them to [email protected] with an appropriate subject line.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the formatting or the process of how to submit your article, please email [email protected]. For specific writing guides about different types of articles, please check out our How to write section.

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