Chill with Hong Kong’s cutest shiba inu at Mame and Shiba Cafe, a dedicated dog cafe in Causeway Bay

By YP cadets Hanna Hipwell Serfaty, Olivia Tan and Indi Ray

Play with more than 10 friendly pups of the infinitely memeable Japanese breed and you’ll have ‘much fun, so wow’

By YP cadets Hanna Hipwell Serfaty, Olivia Tan and Indi Ray |

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A dog at the Mame and Shiba Cafe lies down for a nap in a customer's lap.

If you’ve ever dreamed of being surrounded by a bunch of doggos, Mame and Shiba Cafe is where you want to be.

While at most eateries you’d expect to be greeted by a waiter, at this cafe in Causeway Bay, you’ll be welcomed by several shiba inu.

The menu here is not very extensive – it only serves soft drinks and instant ramen. The main attraction is definitely the dogs. The shibas roam freely in a gated area where customers play with, pet and cuddle them.

Shiba inu are a Japanese breed which have grown in popularity on social media because of their playfulness and meme-able expressions. User feeds are constantly flooded with shiba gifs that are as funny as they are adorable.

The cafe, which is on the third floor of an industrial building on Foo Ming Street, is home to more than 10 pups of different sizes and colours.

The dogs range from five months to seven years old. They are all quite energetic and playful. They are separated into two groups and brought out in shifts so they are well-rested.

The cafe opened earlier this year, offering customers the opportunity to play with

shibas for 30 minutes for HK$78.

According to the cafe’s Facebook page, the owners started the business to raise awareness of this breed, and allow the public to interact with these dogs before deciding whether to buy or adopt one of their own.

The owners believe this will reduce the rate at which these pooches are abandoned by their owners – a serious issue in Hong Kong. Shibas, like many other breeds, are bought for their “cuteness factor”. But they are highly intelligent animals, and get bored easily – which makes them prone to mischief.

Despite their friendly appearance, shiba inu have fiery personalities. They often clash with other dogs and can be aggressive. They may be conveniently sized, but they’re not the easiest breed to own.

Sadly, this all too often leads to shibas being abandoned by owners who aren’t up

to the task of taking care of them.

The dogs at Mame and Shiba café are very playful and excitable.
Photo: Olivia Tan

The founder of the cafe is very dedicated to this breed – she said that once the dogs become too old to live at the cafe, she will take them home.

The employees take the rules of the cafe very seriously: no flash photography, no feeding of the dogs. They watch over the customers and dogs, making sure none of the animals are mistreated.

Heading to the Mame and Shiba Cafe is not only the perfect pick-me-up activity, it’s also a great way to learn about this popular breed.

There are four types of pet cafes in Hong Kong – there are several with cats, one with rabbits, and even one with hedgehogs. This is the latest addition to hit the city – and we hope to see many more pop up.

Mame and Shiba Cafe

1-5 Foo Ming Street, Causeway Bay

Edited by Nicole Moraleda

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