4 vegetarian dishes in Hong Kong so tasty you won’t believe they’re meat-free

YP ReporterMana Mehta

No meat doesn’t mean no flavour! At health food hangout Green Common, you can get the best of both worlds with their veggie take on classic dishes

YP ReporterMana Mehta |

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It might not look it, but this is a true veggie meal.

As vegetarian diets become more popular in Hong Kong, both companies and consumers are looking for ways to make going veggie both easier and more appealing.

While health plays a big factor for many people, we can’t forget about taste. Green Common is already on many a food lover’s radar for its beautiful vegetarian versions of classic dishes such as pizzas and burgers – yes, there is really is a meat-free way to enjoy our favourite eats!

Health stores are popping up everywhere in Hong Kong, as people have started to embrace healthier lifestyles. Green Common is one of the stores flying the health flag high.

With its classic teal and white walls and lit up slogan “World change starting from green food,” the shop look says nutritious, delicious and friendly. They have an array of products, categorised by the requirements and needs of customers.

Recently introduced are Beyond Meat and Gardein, product lines selling vegetarian meat which still looks, tastes, smells and even ‘bleeds’ like real meat.

Here’s what our junior reporters Hillary Yip and Mana Mehta made of Green Common’s meat-free menu.

Charcoal Meatball Vegan Pizza
Photo: YP Junior Reporter Hillary Yip

Charcoal Meatball Vegan Pizza $118

Oh my, this was definitely my favourite out of all of them!

Served on a wooden pallet, this goth-like pizza packs a load of flavour! Laden with bell peppers, loads of cheese and “meatballs”, this is a MUST try!

The texture and taste of this Pizza really wouldn’t be out of place in a normal meat-eating restaurant- I was amazed! Made from fake “beef meatballs” and “cheese” this is a real delight to have- I took a few slices as it was so good!!

The Beyond Burger delight.
Photo: YP Junior Reporter Hillary Yip

The Beyond Burger delight $88

Imagine a nice beefy burger, with honey-mustard dressing and a little apple puree on top…

You’d never guess this was vegan!

This really takes the cake for the most realistic imitation. If you tried this without knowing it was vegan, you would have been utterly fooled! The burger is really moist and juicy, and has more nutrients than any normal burger, a sharp contrast to perceptions of vegan food.

Sizzling Vegetarian Pork and Chicken Scallopini
Photo: YP Junior Reporter Mana Mehta

Sizzling Vegetarian Pork and Chicken Scallopini $118

It comes with some spaghetti, two sauces, some corn, tomatoes, lettuce, fries, and of course the two chicken and pork patties, looking crispy and well seasoned. As a lifetime vegetarian, trying these dishes was intimidating as the ‘chicken’ and ‘pork’ truly did look like real meat. As we cut open each patty, the overwhelming smell and texture of the meat made me question if this was really a vegetarian version. It looked too real not to be. The taste, replicates the chewy, crispy, flavour of chicken and pork, or so I’m told, a plus for any meat eaters wanting to be more conscious of meat intake.

Strawberry Cheesecake
Photo: YP Junior Reporter Mana Mehta

Strawberry Cheesecake $45

With a slightly pinkish filling, and a bold crust, the cheesecake is surrounded by a berry coulis topped with some fresh berries on the side. As the fork slides through the first bite, the crust is crumbly and the filling holds. It tastes slightly nuttier than regular cheesecake, but is just as sweet. What was most surprising was that it did have that hint of cream cheese, though it was completely dairy free, made with the popular vegan alternative, Daiya cheese.