The Loft Kitchen teaches JRs how to bake the perfect decadent chocolate tart

YP ReporterCharlie Fan

Making a chocolate tart sounds simple enough, but there are probably many ways in which is can go wrong, right? Our junior reporters put on aprons at The Loft Kitchen to find out.

YP ReporterCharlie Fan |

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Decadent and so fun-looking!

Making a chocolate tart can be just as much fun as eating one – yes, really.

We thought that making one would be difficult. You need to make sure the texture of the chocolate ganache (pronounced gah-nash) is smooth enough and the biscuit crust is sturdy but thin enough to look like a proper chocolate tart.

Our tart-making experience at The Loft Kitchen on Nathan Road showed us just how wrong we were.

We were given chocolate and cream to melt to form the ganache, and a mixing bowl to make the base.

After a few minutes of rubbing butter and biscuit crumbs together, a dough started to form. Making the biscuit base is very messy, as you’ll be left with a lot of oil on your fingers and hands – but it doesn’t seem so bad when you know you have a tart to look forward to.

Once the base was ready, we pressed it into our tart cases and we poured the ganache into them.

The tarts baking away in the oven.
Photo: Junior reporter Anushka Purohit

I added whipped cream and sprinkles to the top of mine – and it looked really good even if I do say so myself. Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating (that means the only way to know if food is good is to try it). There was no need to worry. The delicious mix of bitter dark chocolate and sweet cream with the buttery base told me all I needed to know.

Some people say that the best part of eating is when you get to savour each bite. But we say that the feeling of making your own dish from start to finish is even better.

Charlie Fan