From a shiba inu cafe review, to the truth behind HK's top Instagram hot spots, here are the top 5 Junior Reporter stories of the year

By YP Team

A list of the most viewed stories, written by Young Post junior reporters

By YP Team |

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Claire Lee, Veronica Lin, and Natasha Ho at Choi Hung Estate.

In 2019, Young Post junior reporters proved once again that they are cut out for the fast-paced, unpredictable and exciting world of journalism. They helped us cover the year's most exciting stories, including the Hong Kong protests and the student-led climate strikes. From doing live reports, to social media takeovers, photography, video and writing, this year's cohort of junior reporters are paving the way for the future generation of story tellers. 

These are the top five most viewed stories written by our junior reporters this year. 

1. 'How one Hong Kong designer is keeping the traditional craft of crochet alive' by Chloe Lau and Megan Hsu 

Junior reporters Chloe Lau and Megan Hsu spoke to Annie Wong, who runs Mint Box Studio, and is trying to keep the art of crochet alive. 

2. 'Hong Kong Instagram hot spot or photoshopped fake? What do people really think of Choi Hung Estate?' by Hay Wong, Claire Lee, Mike Lau and Natasha Ho

Four junior reporters teamed up to unpack what residents of Choi Hung Estate really think of the building's Instagram fame. They spoke with tourists, residents and students to understand what the fascination was all about, and how it impacts the estate's residents.


3. 'Chill with Hong Kong’s cutest shiba inu at Mame and Shiba Cafe, a dedicated dog cafe in Causeway Bay' by Hanna Hipwell-Serfaty, Olivia Tan and Indi Ray

Three junior reporters checked out Hong Kong's Mame and Shiba cafe, to play with the cute dogs and speak to the cafe's employees and visitors. 

4. 'Going to the Longines Masters for the first time: JRs stunned by the artistry and perfect partnership between horse and rider' by Eunice Yip and Tifany Fan

Two of our junior reporters got a VIP pass to attend the Longines Masters in Hong Kong. They spoke with teen riders and junior champions to write a report about the event. 

5. 'How a dream journal helped Hong Kong student to improve her creativity and writing skills' by Natasha Ho and Shloka Vishveshwar

These junior reporters spoke to 13-year-old Chloe Lo, who writes about each of her dreams in a journal. Chloe says that by doing so, her writing skills have improved, and she is ale to "control" her dreams.

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