Wet and wild fun and games at Ocean Park's Summer Splash

Compiled by John Kang

Four YP junior reporters were given the "tough" task of testing the Summer Splash attraction at Ocean Park

Compiled by John Kang |

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Young Post junior reporters (from left) Lola Wong, Cammy Lam, Ruby Chung and Dhruv Singh at Summer Fever, the highlight of Ocean Park's Summer Splash.

If you like water rides and those cute characters from the Line app, then you'll love this year's Summer Splash at Ocean Park.

The highlight of this year's summer theme is Line Summer Fever, featuring attractions like the Mega Bucket, Wild Foam Party, and Water War.

Young Post's junior reporters Ruby Chung, Cammy Lam, Dhruv Singh and Lola Wong went to Summer Splash, and this is what they thought ...

Dhruv flings water bombs using a slingshot at Water War. Photo: YP cadets Ruby Chung and Lola Wong


In the Water War section, you use a slingshot to fire colourful aquatic missiles at your friends.

A water fight on a sizzling hot day is a classic summer activity, and this way you don't have to clean up the mess afterwards!

Get into the swing

The Soaker Swings look just like ordinary playground swings at first - except these randomly soak you from above!

The attraction seats up to four people at a time, so you get to sit next to your friends, watch each other get drenched by the pouring water, and share great laughs.

Fun by the bucketful

Ever been jealous of those game show contestants who get massive buckets of water dumped on their heads? Then head to the Mega Bucket! The idea of getting soaked may be pretty basic, but the suspense lies in not knowing when the slowly tipping bucket will drop on you and your friends. 3, 2, 1 … SPLOSH!

The gang put their nerves to the test on the Slide Racer. Photo: YP cadets Ruby Chung and Lola Wong

Slip slidin' away

Many theme parks offer water slides to cool off sweaty guests during summer, and Ocean Park's Slide Racer - a three-storey monster - doesn't disappoint.

But what's the difference between the park's existing Raging River and this new slide?

On the former, you're shielded from the torrents in a little boat that stops you from getting extra wet, whereas on the Slide Racer, your body slides on the water, and getting soaked to the skin is inevitable as you whizz down the steep slope.

It may not be as colossal as the Hair Raiser or the Mine Train, but the slide feels knee-knockingly tall when standing at the top in just swimwear.

No expense has been spared to make sure the Slide Racer is a memorable thrill ride: as well as the vertigo-inducing height, there are cold vapour sprayers and staff dedicated to making sure even the tiniest visitors have fun and are safe at the same time.

Bubble bubble

We all love bubbles, we all love parties, and we absolutely loved the Wild Foam Party - a huge pool of foam bubbles.

After you put on safety goggles, you enter the pool and are free to go crazy. You can chase each other around with foam in your hands and throw it at each other, like you're in a snowball fight.

If you're feeling artistic, you can even try to build shapes with the foam!

As players enter and leave the pool, the foam will begin to die down, but that doesn't mean the fun will slow down.

Hanging from the ceiling is a tube that shoots out even more fluffy, white foam.

If you happen to be standing right under the tube, you might get buried under the fluff.

Dodge the jets

The Dancing Fountains are more of a side attraction in Ocean Park's Summer Splash. Located on the middle walkway between the larger attractions, these miniature fountains hidden in the floor eject sudden streams of water that are guaranteed to make you squeal as they catch you off-guard.

(L-R) Dhruv, Ruby and Cammy dodge the Dancing Fountain jets. Photo: YP cadets Ruby Chung and Lola Wong

Share the experience

After getting soaked at all the stations, it's time to capture the moment with your chums and the adorable Line Friends. In an interactive photo booth at the Play Zone, you must first choose one of the five main characters. After choosing your theme, get ready to move.

Your actions will be recorded and the Line Friends will appear in the photo booth, too, to take the video with you.

After the video is done, you can find it by adding Ocean Park as a friend in Line and entering a code. Then you can instantly watch the video and share it with friends.

You can also take normal pictures with the adorable critters in the Line Friends Snapshots activity.

There are human-sized Line Friends waiting to take photos with you, so get your poses ready!

Ocean Park's Summer Splash runs until August 30. For more information, go to Ocean Park's website.