Ice Age Live! (is) A Mammoth Adventure of snow, special effects, and song and dance!

By YP junior reporters Ruby Chung, Cammy Lam and Lola Wong. compiled by John Kang

Ice Age Live! A Mammoth Adventure was staged in Hong Kong from July 23-26 at AsiaWorld-Expo, and Young Post junior reporters went to see the grand finale. This is what they thought ...

By YP junior reporters Ruby Chung, Cammy Lam and Lola Wong. compiled by John Kang |

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The whole cast performs

Ice Age Live! Hong Kong A Mammoth Adventure is a musical on ice based on the Ice Age series, and it was shown in Hong Kong from July 23 to 16 at AsiaWorld-Expo.

Young Post junior reporters watched the last show last Sunday, and this is what they thought...

This fun musical kicked off with a classic Ice Age scene: Scrat, the squirrel, drops his acorn and triggers an avalanche while trying to look for it. That opening scene made it clear that this would be much better than just watching a movie. The avalanche looked so real, much more than CGI could ever hope to achieve.

There were loads of effects to satisfy all your senses, like the smell of smoke, the sound effects, and huge projections. After the avalanche, everything seemed calm, and that's when the loveable Sid the sloth skated out to introduce himself.

Sid takes a break. Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

Every single child - which was most of the audience - screamed as loud as One Directioners would scream if they saw Harry Styles.

Sid skipped and twirled around the ice, and following him were the other characters: Manny the Mammoth and his family, and the sabre-toothed tiger Diego, all brought to life by actors and actresses in huge costumes.

Manny and Diego couldn't skate and dance as well as Sid because their costumes were so much bigger and bulkier - I think Manny had four people inside him!

All the costumes were made to perfectly match the movie characters; the features were almost identical, and even included small details such as eyes that could blink.

Snowflakes - skaters dressed in white costumes - came out next, and did some pretty amazing tricks. Then they climbed onto hula hoops that descended from the ceiling and created some beautiful poses.

This might have looked too dangerous for the kids, because some of them started screaming and crying, but we thought it was simply out of this world.

Then, suddenly, an ugly bird with blue and red feathers flew through the air and grabbed Manny's daughter, Peaches! The bird was going to barbecue Peaches for lunch, but he missed his chance while showing off his acrobatics skills rather than focusing on the barbecuing.

Manny rescued his daughter, and once everyone was safe, they all sang a joyful song together, chanting "happy to be with our friends". The kids loved it.

Photo: Twenieth Century Fox

But even with the family back together, the danger wasn't over yet: the Ice Age animals were hit by yet another avalanche (no wonder they are extinct)! It could have been a deadly disaster, but instead, the avalanche created a magical winter wonderland.

Ice Age Live! A Mammoth Adventure really has everything packed into one show.

First, you get the classic Ice Age storyline everyone loves, and you get to see it performed by loveable life-sized animals, instead of just actors with make-up on.

Second, the lighting and projections were supreme and brought such a wow factor to everything. In fact, all of the special effects were incredible, and having a skating rink inside the theatre for the actors to skate on really gave an authentic feel to being in a winter wonderland.

Third, the acrobatic performances were amazing, as if you were watching a circus show.

Last but not least, no one could forget the adorable singing and dancing animals!