J. Co Donuts review: Unique flavours mean there’s something for everyone

Bridget Lam
  • Fun varieties like the tea-flavoured Yin Yang donut and the Tira Miss U give you many different options for a sweet treat
  • You can find branches in Central, Mong Kok and Wan Chai
Bridget Lam |

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J.Co Donuts & Coffee offers many different flavours, so everyone is sure to find something they like. Photo: Bridget Lam

J.Co Donuts & Coffee
Shop 1 & 2, Righteous Building
585 Nathan Road, Mong Kok
(Branches also in Wan Chai and Central)

Grub: Donuts, obviously, but also pastries, sandwiches, and drinks.

Vibe: With dark wooden furniture and black wallpaper, J.Co is relaxed with a slightly sophisticated edge, and the natural light streaming in from the windows adds warmth. The cafe is excellent for having a chat with close friends, getting work done, or grabbing a quick bite.

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Who to take: Bring no more than a friend or two. The cafe itself is not very big, so there may not be enough seats for larger groups.

What’s hot: The creative range of flavours. With so many different options, everyone will something they like.

The most unique flavours are the Yin Yang donut (HK$16) because of its amazing tea-flavoured cream; and the Don Mochino donut (HK$16), for its combination of cappuccino cream filling and chocolate glaze which complement each other perfectly.

The Yin Yang donut is not only delicious, but it looks pretty cool too. Photo: Bridget Lam

The dough itself is softer than donuts you might find elsewhere. Every donuts’ toppings have been delicately designed to make them extremely picture-worthy.

Our personal favourite was the Tira Miss U donut (HK$16) because its sweetness was just right: full of flavour, but it doesn’t ever feel like you’ve got a mouthful of pure sugar. The coating and the delicious cream filling combine to make the donut taste like real tiramisu, an imaginative twist on the original dessert.

For a more subtle snack, try the Alcapone donut (HK$16): it has no filling, but its topping of almonds on white chocolate frosting are made for each other.

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What’s not: If you plan on eating in, you might have to wait for a seat because, as previously mentioned, the space isn’t very big. Also, the chain’s locations in busy neighbourhoods mean that they are often quite crowded.

The donuts are pretty pricey for their size. You can definitely find cheaper options, but that higher price does reflect the quality and flavour.

Since all the donuts are the same price, avoid the more common flavours, such as the Chocolate Rainbow donut (HK$16), because you can find something similar elsewhere for half the price. The donuts that have interesting fillings are more worth the price tag.

Cost: Donuts are HK$16 each, HK$90 for half a dozen, and HK$158 for a dozen. Sandwiches range from HK$22 to HK$68. Drinks are HK$19-HK$43.

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