Improvisation Land X II

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 23 March, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 23 March, 2006, 12:00am

Y Space, Theatre Y

March 25, 7.30pm

Over the past decade, Victor Ma Choi-wo and Mandy Yim Ming-yin (right) have carved a niche for themselves in the independent dance scene as impromptu performers. The founders of Y Space thrive on spontaneity.

'When you repeat a performance again and again in almost exactly the same way, like in a long-running musical, I think the performers will soon become numbed to what they do and the show may lose its life and soul as a result,' Ma says.

'Life itself is unpredictable and it's this unpredictability that makes living interesting. The same applies to an improvised performance in which neither the audience nor the dancers themselves know what's going to happen next. This uncertainty opens up countless possibilities.'

Other than Ma and Yim - both of whom are professionally trained dancers - their latest work Improvisation Land X II will feature actor/director Cheung Ngai-sun, independent musician Wilson Tsang and performance artist Yuen Kin-leung.

'We enjoy collaborating with artists from other disciplines because they can enrich our performances,' says Ma, who will collaborate with local artist Nelson Hiu, Bill Hsu from the US and Soji Ikai from Japan in another improvised show next month.

'Think of improvisation as a soccer game.

It's exciting because you never know who will get the ball and score. In our performances, I just accept whatever comes my way.'

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