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PUBLISHED : Sunday, 23 July, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 23 July, 2006, 12:00am

Product: Convoy Financial Services

Title: Independent is the Edge

Ad agency: Turn

First impression: here we have a financial consultancy personified as a philandering playboy - with a wooden head.

Storyboard: the 30-second spot opens with what appears to be an Italian street scene, with school children and then a couple of shoppers running in slow motion. In the next shot is a close up of a Euro1 coin. Then we meet Ah Ching, who flips the coin into a wishing well then, in the next scene, has his arm around a young woman, whose head is, er, a euro coin.

But Ah Ching's relationship with Ms Coin doesn't last long as he quickly spots another woman, who has a gold bar for a head. The next scene shows them sharing a bathtub together, sipping champagne. That relationship is also short-lived as Ah Ching is soon having fun wetting Ms Property's T-shirt, relaxing on the grass next to Ms Bank Safe and finally dancing with Ms Drum.

A male voiceover comes in halfway through the clip, explaining that there are a lot of financial opportunities on offer and we need to look around, with independent and objective advice, to find the portfolio that suits us best.

What the client says: Rosetta Fong, sales and marketing director at Convoy Financial Services, says: 'Our TVC is much more than what meets the eye. It is not our intention to promote an international playboy lifestyle but we strongly believe it's our job, as an independent financial adviser, to know as many products and as much market news as we can.'

A spokesman from Turn adds, 'Being impartial and independent is the edge of Convoy. Ah Ching in the TVC represents Convoy. In order to make him appealing to our target audience, we portray him as an interesting and charming young man. He goes to places in search of the 'right one' - just like Convoy.'

Does it work? By likening investment to courtship, the spot at least makes an otherwise mundane topic interesting. It tries to be playful by creating characters with odd things stuck on their heads.

But ... where is the logic? Ah Ching begins his 'courtship' with a coin, then he moves onto bigger things - a gold bar, property, a bank safe (presumably full of money and land certificates) and then ... a drum? Why a drum? Does that represent an upbeat lifestyle?