Home cinema

PUBLISHED : Friday, 13 April, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 13 April, 2012, 12:00am


3M - Pocket Projector MP180

This pocket projector (HK$3,998) weighing 338 grams is operated by touch screen. Wi-fi connectivity and Bluetooth compatibility allow for internet browsing and file transfer from computers or smartphones, and it has an internal memory of 4GB. It has 32 lumens of brightness, an LED light source that lasts for 20,000 hours, two hours of battery life and a microSD card slot. A USB slot and input cables allow connection to Apple devices and smartphones. The audio is provided by an integrated MP3 player and stereo speakers.

Sony - HMZ-T1

This personal 3-D viewer (HK$5,980) features a separate high-definition OLED panel for each eye to eliminate crosstalk for better quality video. It incorporates a field of view of 45 degrees to create a cinema-like virtual screen. Its head mounting design frees up the users' hands which makes it ideal not only for film viewing but also gaming. It's equipped with 5.1ch virtual surround technology featuring four surround-sound modes: standard, cinema, game and music.

BenQ - W7000

The brand's latest projector (HK$23,800) has been upgraded to a 3-D full HD model. Clarity and sharpness of the image are better, and users can enjoy 3-D movies from a Blu-ray DVD player, live sports via cable or satellite and 3-D video games on PlayStation 3 all without needing 3-D glasses. It features 2,000 lumens of brightness to counter different lighting conditions and 50,000:1 high contrast ratio for enhanced image definition. It also lets users fine-tune hue, contrast, brightness and white balance levels.