HK$100 and under: Ukokkei Ramen Ron

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 06 June, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 13 February, 2015, 4:50pm

Chinese tonic soup makers are not the only ones to appreciate the silkie - a breed of chicken with white feathers but black skin and bones. The chefs at Ukokkei Ramen Ron also believe that the bird is a healthy choice of meat - mild, yet warm and nourishing. The ramen shop's more than 20 branches in Japan use the expensive fowl for their soup base.

Ukokkei has recently brought the speciality to Jordan, at a shop with casual ambience and a simple menu. There are four different silkie-broth soups, namely tonkotsu (pork bone), miso (soya bean paste), shio (salt) and shoyu (soy sauce). These options come in original (HK$78), spicy (HK$88), original with char siu (HK$98) and spicy with char siu (HK$108).

I opted for the salt ramen to taste the broth at its purest, and it didn't disappoint. It tasted home-made, but it was more flavourful and not heavy. My guest's miso soup base was much stronger and creamier. Each bowl is topped with sweet deep-fried onions, a slice of bland soft-centred egg and bamboo shoots.

The shop gets extra points for using three different noodles: the shio and shoyu bowls come with a thin noodle; the miso comes with thicker, curly noodles; while straight, eggless noodles simmer in tonkotsu broth.

The tender char siu quickly sold out, much to the chagrin of some diners. Overall the service is friendly, without being polished. Pay a visit as soon as possible, because it's too new to have a queue, even on a public holiday.


Ukokkei Ramen Ron, Kimberley Mansion, 15 Austin Avenue, Jordan, tel: 2312 7773. Open: noon-3pm, 6pm-11pm