You can't have failed to notice the ubiquity over the past few years of charity awareness wristbands, those colour-coded bracelets that pronounce the wearer's support for cancer research or gay rights or the persecution of smokers.

A new addition to the inventory, available at lifestyle store Konzepp, however, offers a novel way of showing you care.

Non-profit organisation Falling Whistles was founded in 2008 by peace campaigner Sean Carasso after he met former child soldiers in the civil-war-ridden Democratic Republic of Congo, who told him that children too young to carry weapons were being sent into combat zones armed only with whistles to act as human shields.

To help bring their plight to wider notice, he decided to sell whistles to raise funds for education, advocacy and the rehabilitation of people affected by the war. Wearers are "whistleblowers for peace", and help support Congolese visionaries striving to rebuild ravaged communities.

Manufactured by British company Acme, the whistles are made of brass and plated with silicon or nickel-based finishes. They are priced from HK$345 to HK$599.

Konzepp's "style curator", Juan-Carlos Aquino, urges other Hong Kong retailers to stock them, adding that while the Sheung Wan store is design-focused, the stories behind its products are equally important.

"Falling Whistles has made a great pro-duct that is so simple in its design and execution, which makes it easy for anyone to pick one up and join the cause," he says. "A problem like this relates to everyone in the world. It's about humanity. Just because it's not on our doorstep doesn't mean the problem's not there. We can all do something to help."

Konzepp is at LG/F, 50 Tung Street, Sheung Wan. For inquiries, call 2803 0339.