New York, London, Tokyo … Hong Kong.

Kaye Dong loves to shop and share her fashion finds with others, so a magazine article listing fashion apps to look out for in 2012 caught her attention. Top of the list was something called Snapette.

Snapette is an iPhone/Android app aimed at helping fashion lovers discuss, browse and shop for items in a particular area. Users can upload photos with related information and review and rate other users' photos in categories such as "near", "hot" and "new".

"Instagram or Facebook broadcast to all of my friends, [some of whom] may not be interested in fashion, so Snapette really fits my needs. The people who download it are those who are really into fashion - they want to share what they see on the street and what they've just purchased," says Dong, the owner of a Hong Kong interior design company.

"For me, it's not just about sharing a photo. It's really about promoting it. I can tag, for example, the store in which I saw the products, their price and categories such as accessories, bags and shoes. [The app] becomes a really powerful database."

Dong has found Snapette useful on her travels - it is up and running in London, Tokyo and a number of cities in the United States - and decided, along with childhood friend Kimmy Siu from back home in Australia, to bring the app to Hong Kong.

"In Hong Kong, there're so many little shops just everywhere, and all sorts of little boutiques in buildings that people [do not know] exist," says Dong. "If I had a boutique like that, I would find this app amazing because I could just post images of my products and they would be broadcast to a major audience interested in fashion."

Dong and Siu formed a partnership with New York-based Snapette and launched the app in Hong Kong last month.

Snapette is free to download, the duo's income coming from subscription fees from retailers. Visit for details.