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Bo Xilai

Chinese Communist "princeling" Bo Xilai, expected by many to take a key leadership position in the leadership transition of 2012, was expelled from the Communist Party in September after a career that saw him as Mayor of Dalian City, Minister of Commerce and Party Chief of the Chongqing municipality. His wife Gu Kailai received a suspended death sentence in August 2012 for murdering British business partner Neil Heywood. 


Bo Xilai jail letter: My name will be cleared one day

Shamed princeling tells family ahead of corruption trial verdict he is ready to follow in his father’s footsteps and be sent to prison

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 19 September, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 19 September, 2013, 9:53am

Bo Xilai says he is prepared to follow in his father's footsteps by going to prison and maintains that "one day" his name will be cleared.

His comments were made in a letter addressed to his family as he awaits Sunday's verdict in his corruption trial.

Two people with close ties to the Bo family confirmed to the South China Morning Post yesterday that the letter - circulated among a small group of his supporters since Tuesday - was indeed written by the 64-year-old former Politburo member.

It is the first communication between Bo and his family to become public since his detention in March last year.

In the letter, believed to have been written last Thursday, Bo continued to show the defiance he displayed at his five-day trial.

"I will wait quietly in the prison," the former Chongqing party chief wrote. "My father was jailed many times. I will follow his footsteps." Bo's late father Bo Yibo was one of the most influential communist elders to survive the Cultural Revolution.

He was among a group - along with Deng Xiaoping and others - dubbed the "eight immortals" by overseas China watchers for their political longevity. He died in 2007 aged 98.

The elder Bo was sent to jail at least twice by the Nationalists before the communists swept to power in 1949. He was purged in 1966 during the Cultural Revolution and was reinstated to power only in the late 1970s.

In his letter, Bo said: "Father and mother have passed away, but their teachings continue to serve me well. I would not disgrace their glorious past. I could suffer even greater miseries."

Bo said he kept a picture of his mother on his bedside and felt "no longer alone" with his mother beside him. His mother, Hu Ming , committed suicide during the Cultural Revolution, according to official accounts.

Bo also thanked his family members for their support.

"In these distressful hours, [I realised that] blood is thicker than water," he wrote. "I felt stronger when you were sitting behind me during the trial."

Towards the end of his letter, Bo sent a message to his two sons - Li Wangzhi , 35, born to his first wife, and Bo Kuangyi , better known as Bo Guagua , who was born to his second wife Gu Kailai .

"Wangzhi and Kuangyi are good kids," he wrote. "I wish they could take over the family tradition and achieve something. I hope that they become good brothers."

The Jinan People's Intermediate Court announced yesterday it would hand down its verdict on Bo at 10am on Sunday.

He has been charged with bribery, embezzlement and abuse of power. Sources say Bo is likely to be jailed for less than 15 years and will probably appeal.



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Charles William Morgan Jr.
The man apparently had many people murdered during his rule, and gets little sympathy. He wanted to return to the "days of Mao," and this probably contributed to his downfall. We need improvements, modernization and advancement, and not a return to the subjugation of humanity. The best sentence for Bo would be to be incarcerated with his wife in the same small cell for twelve years. If they did not kill each other, then let them out, as a 76-year-old would be harmless.
It is good that he is seen to be punished for corruption, and put out of circulation. I have no sympathies for his dealings.
PS. Although he has done marvels for parts of the country, his style of 'attack the black and sing the red' has allegedly killed many enemies on false grounds, and resurrected the Mao-era fervor. (It may be this that led to his downfall, because the moderates in the Chinese Govt did not want a return to the Cultural Revolution days.) It was a fearsome rule, and he should have just concentrated on improvements to the areas he was responsible for. I would then have admired his abilities.
Corruption is almost a must in politics and bribery is just The cherry on top of the cake, atleast if at all he was bribe he brought improvements to his supporters not everyday you see politicians do that, what did he do that you guys would see the need for an old man like him to go to prison.
the sun also rises
of course this convicted criminal of huge corruption will be sent to jail as his late father did in the revolutionary era. It is known that Bo Xilai used half of his money from corruption on his people in Chongquing where he is still remembered and adored ! if you go there for a visit, you will find that he still enjoys good fame and admiration .And many people in Chongqing feel sorry tor his arrest and jail sentence too. Anyway,no matter what his ambition or shocking records of patronizing women and taking bribes were, he is still considered as not a too bad communist cadre in many people's eyes since he really spent lots of money on improving the livelihood of his people and the infrastructures of Chongqing !
As a common Chinese, I simply admire Bo and feel sorry for him. He is the rare kind of governors that actually care about the people at the bottom of society, and he takes a lot of work to solve real problems. Under his leadership, Chongqing has transformed into a modern, clean, green metropolis, in merely 5 years.
It saddens many people that Bo's illy treated by the CCP leaders, because of so called ambition. A politician without ambition is in the wrong business. He's done tremendous service to people under his government, and is respected even more after his down fall.
The court will deliver the verdict from top leaders, and won't be just to Bo. But things may change, and he will be restored sooner or later, one way or another way, because PEOPLE LOVE HIM.
the CCP would like to thank you for your naivete and ignorance... its people like you that help perpetuate the greatest kleptocracy in the history of mankind... all hail mao and the people eerrr or whatever you wanna hear.... S*UCKER!!!! thanks for the loot!!! off to LV now with my bottle of Lafite!!!
I am not a fan of CCP, but I am a big fan of great talents, and Bo surely is one of the greatest politicians in modern China, no matter you like it or not.
i think you read too much Chinese papers my fren.. he is just a ambitious SOB who wanted to climb to the top.. using public $ to buy ppl heart just the way to do it.. :)
who told you that they will stop there? If the chinese govt. is just a gang of criminals who all are open to bribery, so what is the US-Government with all the congressmans and senator receiving "favors" from lobbys and industry? Of course, you would call it a "legal bribe" because the US-law allows it.
Don't talk about topics of which you know nothing about and don't understand. What do you understand about the decades old struggle within the party? Bo Xilai was a princeling, if you know what this means, and one of the most powerful political person in China, predicted to be president and leader one day. He was personally under the protection of former president Zhang Zemin. His downfall will trigger a chain reaction through the party and it was rumoured that at the day of his arrest gunfights happened in "Zhongnanhai" (if you know what this is).




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