‘Become the power of China’: latest PLA video woos recruits with buff soldiers, rock music

Production latest effort by China’s authorities to produce propaganda that will appeal more to young people

PUBLISHED : Friday, 05 May, 2017, 6:01pm
UPDATED : Friday, 05 May, 2017, 6:01pm

China wants more young people to join the army – and it’s hoping a rock music video featuring buff topless soldiers will help it find new recruits.

The People’s Liberation Army released its latest recruitment video on Thursday, an almost-three-minute film set to fast-tempo, heavy rock music, featuring a short piece of rap.

The video shows muscular soldiers training and taking part in combat exercises, complete with explosions.

“Coming from all over the country to don military uniform, and leave adolescent, frivolous way behind,” the lyrics say.

Watch: The People’s Liberation Army’s latest recruitment video

“Say goodbye to your home town, kick off the journey, a journey that will reform you … Please fight to protect our country. The camouflage uniform is soaked in sweat, but still looks good.”

Among the lyrics rapped include “every gesture and move shows sublime heroism”, and the video ends with “join the army – become the power of China”.

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The film receivedmixed reaction online, with some people describing the soldiers as “handsome” while others were less complimentary about the production.

“It’s too cheesy for a military recruitment drive in my opinion. Just not my cup of tea,” one person wrote.

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China’s government and authorities have made a conscious effort in recent years to make their propaganda videos appeal more to young people.

The PLA made a hip-hop video in 2016 in an attempt to attract new recruits.

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It was a cooler approach than its 2014 recruitment video, which featured soldiers dancing to Little Apple, a popular but cheesy hit by the Beijing-based producers the Chopstick Brothers.

China’s government released a jaunty, animated music video in 2015 to explain its five-year plan, which attracted worldwide media attention.

WATCH: 2014 PLA recruitment clip of soldiers dancing to a cheesy hit