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Alpais Lam Wai-sze

Alpais Lam Wai-sze, a teacher at Pui Ling School of the Precious Blood in Fanling, sparked a protest in Mong Kok on August 4, 2013, after a viral video from July 14 showed her shouting profanity at police officers. In the clip, Lam was seen openly criticising the way the police were handling a confrontation between the Falun Gong and the Youth Care Association. Lam has taught for 18 years and won the Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence in the 2010/2011 academic year.

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I wanted to quit my job, says teacher in video controversy

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 06 August, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 12 August, 2013, 8:54am

The award-winning educator who sparked Sunday's protest says she thought of quitting her job after a video of her hurling profanities at police officers went viral late last month.

Alpais Lam Wai-sze, 42, who works at Pui Ling School of the Precious Blood in Fanling, has taught for 18 years. In the 2010/2011 academic year, she won the Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence alongside her school's teaching team for moral and civic education.

In an RTHK programme aired on July 28, Lam said the subject helped pupils learn how to relieve pent-up emotions and build stronger bonds with people.

While she appeared to enjoy teaching, she said the July 14 video of her shouting obscenities during a dispute with police officers in Mong Kok caused her to consider resigning.

In the clip, Lam was seen openly criticising the way the police were handling a confrontation between the Falun Gong and the Youth Care Association.

Appearing agitated, she demanded to know why the officers had cordoned off an area at Sai Yeung Choi Street. When they threatened to arrest her, she shouted abuse at them.

In a Commercial Radio programme yesterday, Lam spoke on her thoughts of quitting: "The school can't function if everyone keeps discussing the incident. In the end, those jeopardised … are the pupils and their parents. We can't be so selfish."

She said her school was harassed after the video went viral. It received nuisance calls and wreaths with her name, and banners criticising her were put up outside the school, she said.

After those incidents, the guilt-stricken teacher penned a letter to her pupils that was published in a local newspaper on Sunday. In the letter, Lam, who also teaches Chinese language, said she hoped the controversy caused by the video would not affect her pupils' lives.

"Perhaps you can't analyse what's right and what's wrong - and also what's real and what's not - right away. Let's sleep on this," she wrote.

"My faith is to care about our Hong Kong to ensure that it retains our core values - defending our freedom of speech and belief is our responsibility."

Lam apologised for her actions on July 26; she issued a second apology yesterday.



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resign you are ignorant, foul mouthed are totally unfit for your role
please quit your job asap and stop teaching our next generation of HKers
I bet she's one of those 'left-over' women who can't secure a decent husband. One thing is for sure - she's unfit for her profession. Perhaps she should start practicing Falun Gong... just to calm herself down a bit?
It transpired that she does have a husband. Poor man. I bet he can't win any argument, judging by her prowess in the video.
This Ms. Lam has no business teaching young children. The easiest test of one's character is seeing whether one can be kind and respectful towards those who serve us, be they waiters, domestic helpers or in this case, Police officers. In one short video clip Ms. Lam demonstrates that she is a spiteful and vindictive person devoid of manners or common decency. What kind of lesson would her pupils learn? That it is alright to verbally abuse and disrespect others under the guise of free speech? This has nothing to do with freedom of expression. It's about good social etiquette and upbringing. Ms. Lam should be fired and never be allowed to work in the teaching profession again.
Dai Muff
Rubbish. If she had verbally abused democrats or RTHK's "City Forum" guests, like Chan Chi-sum's crowd and the Victoria Park uncles have been known to do, the same people after Ms Lam's blood now would be delighted.
Being a teacher of 18 years she should know that as a teacher, even off duty, you need to be very careful in how you act, for your actions could be seen by your students and by parents. We must not forget that she is a primary school teacher, which means they are age between 6 and 11 years old. I am sorry to say that she did the wrong thing by being aggressive and insulting towards a police officer. We must not forget that it is foul language which no parent in their right mind will want their children to learn. We can forgive her, however, she has proven herself to be NOT "A FIT AND PROPER PERSON" to teach. She should have her teaching license rescinded.
Having read the comments, Ms. Lam, being it would appear an intelligent woman should resign from her current job and apply to become a police officer, then she could experience first hand what it's like. We talk of human rights, I am sure had Ms. Lam acted in this way in any of our neighboring countries she would not have been treated in the way she was. Ms. Lam is obviously a busy body with nothing better to do, she is a disgrace to both herself and her profession, I most certainly would not like her teaching my children.
As for Mr. Lau taking to the stage, I understand he had retired from the police force therefore is free to do as he pleases as he no longer has any constabulary rights or duties to perform.
Please do us a favor and go.
you don't have to agree with this teacher, but she has the right to her opinion without fear of losing her livelihood. those cowards sending banners of protest to her school should stop and think whether this is the kind of society in which they want to live. but perhaps thinking is too high a bar for this weaklings.




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