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Fears for baby snatched from stroller, police hunt 'woman with mainland accent'

Police give description of suspect amid hunt for girl snatched from stroller in Kowloon City

PUBLISHED : Monday, 25 November, 2013, 4:54am
UPDATED : Monday, 25 November, 2013, 10:38am

Police are stepping up the hunt for a six-month-old girl abducted outside a park in Kowloon City on Saturday night.

Officers from the tactical unit were seen combing the area for clues yesterday afternoon, while plain-clothes detectives from the serious crime unit went door to door, speaking to shopkeepers and neighbours.

"We have released photos and preliminary information to our frontline colleagues and we are trying our best to find her," said Chief Inspector Law Kwok-hoi of the New Territories North crime unit. Police are treating the case as kidnapping, and there are concerns the child could be smuggled to the mainland.

Police say that at about 7.30pm on Saturday, the mother was pushing her baby in a stroller along Carpenter Road, opposite Carpenter Road Park and towards Kowloon City Plaza. A woman, whom police believe may have been working with the kidnapper, approached the mother and asked for directions to the Wong Tai Sin MTR station.

After giving directions, the mother realised her baby had been taken from the stroller. She recalled that another person had walked past her very quickly while she was looking the other way to give directions.

The woman seeking directions spoke with a thick mainland accent, police said. She was wearing a black top and blue jeans.

A police statement last night gave more details, saying the woman was between 40 and 50, about 1.6 metres tall and of medium build.

Frontline officers in New Territories North have been placed on high alert and border officials have been asked to keep a close eye on travellers with babies.

Carpenter Road Park is a popular spot for families with young children. Bun Leung, a Kowloon City resident and new parent, said he was worried but would not be put off visiting the park.

"I think parents should always keep their strollers placed in a direction where they can see it at all times. They should also keep the stroller seatbelts fastened."

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying described the case as "heartbreaking" when he spoke at a forum in Sha Tin yesterday.

But he rejected criticism from a forum participant that he should have sent police keeping order outside the event to help with the investigation instead.

Police said they were highly concerned about the case and asked any witnesses to call 6148 0919 or 6148 0920.

A Facebook campaign launched on Saturday to raise awareness of the kidnapping case had amassed 36,000 supporters as of yesterday. Appeals were also seen on some mainland websites.


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As a subscriber, I wish SCMP can do a more thorough investigation and reporting. Chinese press are reporting these information:
1) The father of the baby has another family (wife and children);
2) The father may have ties to the triad;
3) Sources said the background of the case is more complex.
Is it fair to blame the Government when this is purely a police matter?
I see some people exploiting this incidence to smear Mainland. The latest news from the police is that there may be some other ulterior motives in the kidnapping. Use your brain to think. If someone wants a baby to be sold in Mainland, a baby boy is the choice and not a baby girl, and they should perpetrate it in mainland to save the trouble of transporting the victim across the border and the trouble of dodging the highly technical efficiency of HK police.
The case so, curious with so many unanswered questions, with so many un-logical incidents is predestined to serve for the Mainland bashing. And the old known poster are jumping on the band wagon.
Leave this case to the police and restrain with your accusements.
There were rumours all through the years about baby snatchers from the Mainland in HK. None of them were true. They just served for the Mainland bashing. Ok, use of commen sense:
- The victim mother accuses a woman mit "mainland accent" (to fit the rumours).
- How can you as a parent leave a stroller with your baby inside unattended? or move so far away (to show some stranger the road) to let the baby get kdnapped without your attention?
- Was the baby secured with a seatbelt? (if yes, it would be for the kidnapper almost impossible to get the baby out of the stroller without the mother noticing it).
- A kidnapper from far away, if spottet a victim and a baby in stroller would never risk it approach those as if the baby was seatbelt secured (most babys in a stroller are). They only would get caught.
- Why kidnapping a HK baby to bring it to the Mainland? You can only smuggel a baby to the Mainland without border control by sea or throught the woods. Why bother and taking that risk?
What and how is the mothers' family background?
In my opinion, there are too many questions not answered yet and it should be the police to investigate this. But of course, if this fits into your Mainland basing motives.
@archipelago: what is it with HK people these days, why does everyone want an apology, compensation, blame, bi*ch and moan? Objectively speaking, this was an unfortunate event of a mother who let her guard down. Maybe it is a scam or ploy, but that's for the police to solve and clarify.
Seriously. The police are handling it. Why would the government interfere in a criminal case?
Did they run out of babies to steal in PRC?
This is just so sad and I really hope it things turn out well for the parents and the baby.
Whenever these event happen, people would ask why, and the truth is, the mentality of mainlanders are just so unpredictable. It could've been for money or it could've been just pure jealousy and want of doing harm to an innocent child.
If they do catch these despicable people, capital punishment will at least serve some purpose.
PRC Chinese again! Didn't the magistrate tell off a convicted PRC Chinese woman earlier not to bring in more social problems to Hong Kong? We have enough on our plates.
They started with baby formula and now snatch the babies themselves.
Dai Muff
She is in mainland China already. There are too many ways to get a kid across the border.



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