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Apple Daily head Jimmy Lai donated millions to pan-democrats, leaked files show

Leaking of hundreds of records is labelled as a smear campaign by those he backed

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 22 July, 2014, 1:09pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 July, 2014, 11:21am

Hundreds of records detailing millions of dollars in donations to pan-democrats by the Apple Daily's founder have been leaked to the media, a move the camp slammed as a "smear campaign".

According to the 900 leaked files, Jimmy Lai Chee-ying has donated more than HK$10 million to pan-democratic parties and politicians since last year. The donations included HK$5 million to the Democratic Party and HK$3 million to the Civic Party.

Other donations detailed in the files include amounts totalling HK$900,000 to the Hong Kong Civic Education Foundation and Hong Kong Democratic Development Network, both co-founded by Reverend Chu Yiu-ming, an organiser of the Occupy Central civil-disobedience movement.

Some media reports suggested the total donations since April 2012 could have been as much as HK$40 million.

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Reports in pro-government media claimed that Lai - who is know for his critical stance against Beijing - had manipulated pan-democrats and was "colluding with foreign countries to provoke unrest in Hong Kong".

Watch: Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai talks about his business strategy in leaked video

The Next Media Group chairman said he was worried that friends with mainland business interests would be deterred from donating to the Democrats.

"It's always been clear … that I support the pan-democrats. Saying I have stirred up trouble in Hong Kong? I don't think so … I am only supporting [the groups] which would help the city," Lai said on Apple's online talk-show Hammer Out yesterday.


Lai accepted that many of the reports of donations were true, but dismissed accusations he had been supported by "foreign powers".

"Every cent is given by me but not any foreign countries," Lai said.

Former chief secretary Anson Chan Fang On-sang called the leaks a "smear campaign", while Democratic Party founder Martin Lee Chu-ming described it as "white terror".

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The files are believed to have been obtained from the computer of Lai's top aide, Mark Simon.

Some show that Labour Party stalwart Lee Cheuk-yan and League of Social Democrats chairman "Long Hair" Leung Kwok-hung each received HK$500,000 from Lai last year.

Civic Party leader Alan Leong Kah-kit and Professor Joseph Cheng Yu-shek, the Alliance for True Democracy convenor, jointly received HK$300,000.

Lawmakers must declare within 14 days any donations they receive for election and financial sponsorship. But no lawmaker who benefited from Lai's donations had made such a declaration.

Leong said the money had been paid into a joint account held by him and Cheng temporarily because the alliance's account was not ready. Leung said he received the sum on behalf of the league.

A government source said the reports about Lai's donations to pan-democratic groups had intensified Beijing's concern about external forces' interference in the city's affairs, which might reduce the chance for the two sides to meet over political reform.

In April, the Beijing-friendly Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong raised a record HK$63.8 million at a fund-raising event. Businessmen donated about HK$25 million of the total for a calligraphy and singing performance by the central government's liaison office director, Zhang Xiaoming .

Additional reporting by Ada Lee and Samuel Chan


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Woow. It's cheap!
Naturally, a perv paper caters to the lowliest members of society, making money invading other peoples privacy and promoting indecency. Naturally turds like anson and moron lee are proud of making money off a lowlife pimp. How charitable! They create picture books so that the illiterate and retarded can drool and stain themselves over other peoples misfortunes. That fat creep should not complain that people do a proper audit of his expenses...
Next pleaded guilty in Eastern Court yesterday to seven counts of publishing indecent articles without a cover, packaging or warning notice.
yeah, look up the times the perverted rags were convicted for publishing gross and ****.
besides brainwashing our young with their neocon fantasy propaganda, lai et al tries very hard to make **** and gross a way of life in this society. His actions are of course blessed and sanctioned by none other than chief saint zen, who openly and brazenly opposes the Bible's teachings on **** and gross.
of all the recipients, zen and his protestant counterpart are the worst since they have desecrated what they represent.
Ant Lee
Dear communist web brigades. All of you should be grateful for Hong Kong people like Jimmy Lai, Anson Chan, Martin Lee and the other democrats, otherwise your existence would be meaningless and all you could do is suffer from the chinese communist system and kept in the dark forever and misled into thinking communist china is the master of the universe and you will have no chance to serve your communist master or earn your 50 cents. This is not North Korea or Russia. Hong Kong people do not buy your approach.
are you talking about me? lol. (I hope not).
But how poor is your comment. Only because some do not agree with the Pan Dems and Radicals for knowing what they really are they need to be commies. I am so sorry for you. so naive.
Just for your information. Even Long Hair Leung took HKD500,000 for yelling and doing his show.
yeah, anyone who does not agree with the pan dems and the likes of neo-con paying jimmy lais are commies....
what r u then?
and pls don't insult the ant species......
Ant my friend, you need to understand there are lots of ORDINARY FOLKS out there like me who are NOT COMMUNISTS or DAB fans but who simply hate pro-dems like Leung Kwok Hung, Wong Yuk Man, Jimmy Lai and AV Yan because of their hypocrisies and their constant incitement to hatred, violence and chaos in our society. That's right, this is not North Korea or Russia. This is Hong Kong and we do not buy YOUR approach.
After reading your comment, I think the $40M splashed out by Lai has some water reaching here and some comments here are working for Master Lai and earn the 50 cents which most likely to be in US dolloar. (This is a titi-for-tat accusation.) This is not North Korea. We can access the internet freely with the whole world's news at our finger tips.
Most probably someone working in Lai's circle gets so sick of their hypocrisy and lets HKers know what have been done covertly. So saint?
Anson Chan says it is a 'smear campaign' and Martin Lee calls it 'white terror'. Considering that Anson Chan received $3.5 million from Lai and Martin Lee received $300,000, they must be livid with this exposure. Never will they convince us again of their uprighteousness.
Dai Muff
These are not leaked files. They are stolen files. Hong Kong police, act accordingly.




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