Founded in 1997, HTC Corp originally made notebook computers, but entered the smartphone market, and at one point in 2011 it was the largest smartphone seller in the US, holding 24 per cent, compared to Samsung’s 21 per cent and Apple (20 per cent), but its market share has subsequently fallen sharply.

Rick Osterloh, senior vice-president of hardware for Google (second from left), and Cher Wang, chairwoman of HTC, announce a US$1.1 billion deal for Google to take on HTC engineering staff. Photo: AP

Google bets on hardware growth in US$1.1 billion HTC deal

Google, the world’s biggest internet company, is ratcheting up efforts to grow its hardware business to compete with Apple, Samsung Electronics and major Chinese makers of smart devices through a US$1.1 billion deal with struggling Taiwanese smartphone supplier HTC Corp.

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