Rafael Hui Si-yan

Rafael Hui Si-Yan, born in 1948, is a former Chief Secretary for Administration of Hong Kong and a former career civil servant. Hui was arrested in March 2012 by the Independent Commission Against Corruption on suspicion of corruption. The trial of Hui, along with Sun Hung Kai Properties co-chairmen Thomas Kwok Ping-kwong and Raymond Kwok Ping-luen, which opened in early June 2014, has since been called the most high-profile corruption trial in the history of the Hong Kong SAR.

Disgraced former Hong Kong No 2 official Rafael Hui a no-show at appeal hearing over multimillion-dollar bribery conviction

Former Sun Hung Kai Properties executive Thomas Chan (left) and co-chairman Thomas Kwok at court on Wednesday. Photo: Dickson Lee

The city's former No2 official Rafael Hui Si-yan did not show up on Wednesday for a hearing on an appeal against his multimillion-dollar bribery conviction.

Wednesday, 5 August, 2015, 11:25pm 5 comments

Jailed former chief secretary Rafael Hui lodges appeal after bribery conviction

Rafael Hui was convicted on five of eight charges related to bribery and misconduct in public office and sentenced to 7 and a half years in jail. Photo: AP

Former Chief Secretary Rafael Hui Si-yan, who was convicted of bribery last month, lodged an appeal on Thursday.

16 Jan 2015 - 12:03am

Rafael Hui, Thomas Kwok enter Hong Kong's Stanley Prison for the long haul

Thomas Kwok's son Adam Kwok visited. Photo: Edward Wong

Disgraced former top government official Rafael Hui Si-yan and fallen property tycoon Thomas Kwok Ping-kwong began serving true prison time on Saturday as details of their first week behind bars emerged.

28 Dec 2014 - 1:32am 24 comments

Rafael Hui spent Christmas among drug addicts in the jail hospital

Thomas Kwok Ping-kwong takes a walk while guarded in Stanley prison. Photo: SCMP

Cold turkey was on the menu for Hong Kong's biggest-ever corruption catch - Rafael Hui Si-yan - as he spent Christmas with recovering drug addicts in the hospital wing of the jail during his first week behind bars.

28 Dec 2014 - 1:03am 5 comments

'Blinded by desire for high life', Hui jailed 7½ years; Kwok sentenced to five years

'Blinded by desire for high life', Hui jailed 7½ years; Kwok sentenced to five years

Disgraced Rafael Hui Si-yan, who was "blinded by the desire to sustain the high life", was jailed for 7½ years, becoming the highest-ranking former Hong Kong official ever to be locked up.

24 Dec 2014 - 4:04am 36 comments

Hong Kong anti-corruption agency finally gets its tigers

The ICAC has come under a cloud as its former chief Timothy Tong Hin-ming was heavily criticised after being found to have repeatedly breached internal guidelines.

Hong Kong has finally caught its own tigers. The ICAC has often been accused of going after the small fry.

24 Dec 2014 - 7:23am 22 comments

Rafael Hui trial leaves nagging questions

Rafael Hui's free-spending ways were apparently well known. How much effort does the ICAC put into monitoring the financial affairs of top officials? Photo: Felix Wong

The convictions of Rafael Hui Si-yan and Thomas Kwok Ping-kwong have improved the image of the ICAC, in the aftermath of the embarrassments over its former director, Timothy Tong Hin-ming.

28 Dec 2014 - 6:54am

Rafael Hui graft scandal highlights need for more government accountability in its dealings

Illustration: Lau Ka-kuen

The sensational corruption trial of former chief secretary Rafael Hui Si-yan may be wrapping up, but it leaves in its wake the troubling question of uncomfortably close ties between government and business.

23 Dec 2014 - 3:27am 8 comments

Rafael Hui graft case shows need for vigilance

Rafael Hui graft case shows need for vigilance

Our civil service has a well-deserved reputation for being clean and law-abiding. But no matter how comprehensive the institutional safeguards, there are always those who think they are smarter than the system.

23 Dec 2014 - 6:56am 7 comments

Big names make pleas for leniency as Hui and Thomas Kwok face sentencing for graft

(From left) Thomas Chan and Thomas Kwok, formerly of Sun Hung Kai Properties, and ex-chief secretary Rafael Hui are taken to the High Court yesterday. Photo: Felix Wong

In a last-ditch effort to save Rafael Hui from a harsh sentence, former chief executive Donald Tsang extolled the 'humongous contributions' of his one-time chief secretary.

23 Dec 2014 - 8:26am

Rafael Hui's mistress fears expensive gifts he gave her will be confiscated

Eline Shen "didn't know Hui was an official". Photo: SCMP

The mistress of Rafael Hui Si-yan received so much cash from her former lover that she was embarrassed to take more from him, according to a magazine report in which she confirmed the secret affair.

22 Dec 2014 - 3:41am

Disgraced Rafael Hui may seek legal aid for appeal, says wife who 'kept her finances separate'

Thomas Kwok Ping-kwong (left) in jail. Photo: Edward Wong

The wife of Rafael Hui Si-yan broke her silence for the first time since his graft trial started, as the chief secretary turned criminal endured his first night behind bars.

21 Dec 2014 - 9:11am 25 comments

Birthday blues for Kwok family matriarch after graft trial overshadows 85th

Birthday blues for Kwok family matriarch after graft trial overshadows 85th

Executives of property giant Sun Hung Kai Properties are still guessing when the 85th birthday of the Kwok family's matriarch will be celebrated.

21 Dec 2014 - 9:52am 3 comments

Rafael Hui's links with 'godfather of nightclubs' likely formed at racetrack

Rafael Hui's wife Teresa Lo visits him at Lai Chi Kok Reception Centre.Photo: Bruce Yan

A shared interest in horse racing brought together the well-known owner of one of the world's top luxurious Japanese-themed nightclubs and the man who was to become the government's No 2 official.

21 Dec 2014 - 4:26am 2 comments

SHKP announces management reshuffle after conviction of Thomas Kwok in graft trial

Sun Hung Kai Properties co-chairman Thomas Kwok Ping-kwong appears at the High Court in Admiralty on Friday. Photo: Felix Wong

Sun Hung Kai Properties announced a management reshuffle on Friday night after its co-chairman Thomas Kwok and executive director Thomas Chan were found guilty of bribery.

20 Dec 2014 - 9:11am