Universal suffrage

According to a National People's Congress Standing Committee resolution in 2007, Hong Kong's chief executive may be elected by universal suffrage. Pan-democratic lawmakers and pro-democracy activists in the city vehemently opposed an election framework passed by Beijing on August 31, 2014, arguing it failed to reach international standards for a truly democratic and open election.

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A photo of Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying on a poster is carried by protesters at the New Year’s Day march. Mocked by many Hongkongers for his winning vote count of 689 at the 2012 election, it appears now that Beijing is worried none of the candidates for the next election can come close to that winning margin. Photo: AP

Hongkongers could pick a winner in the chief executive horse race

Time is passing quickly, and a horse race is coming up that officials seem to be struggling to kick-start. Those who can place bets – the Election Committee – are ready, but where are all the horses? We know a new chief executive will be taking the reins come July 1, but who?