Kot rekindles Kids

DJ-actor Eric Kot Man-fai is gearing up for the reunion of his old pop duo, Soft Hard Kids.

The radio-and-pop team, which Kot formed with DJ Jan Lam Hoi-fung, will stage their comeback this summer, with the release of a new album, concerts, merchandise and even a store.

'We're going to open a store. It's crazy, isn't?' said the 39-year-old. 'We're also making our own trainers now.'

After forming in the late 1980s to perform on a Saturday night radio programme, the duo put out two well-received rap albums and a remix collection in the early 90s. When the radio programme ended in 1993, the pair, known for their humour and pop culture savvy, took a long break.

'We feel the same, but the way we work is a bit different since we're both much busier these days,'

Kot (right) said.

The DJ was on the judging panel of the 2006 World Cup flag-bearer recruitment drive organised by adidas Hong Kong. Six children were selected to represent the city as flag bearers at the World Cup quarter-finals in Germany.

The soccer fan, who was a presenter on cable TV's previous World Cup programme, said he couldn't go to Germany to watch the soccer event this year because of his radio programme and the Soft Hard Kids reunion.