New salon aims to be centre of attention

There's nothing like being your own boss. A group of young, hip hair stylists has decided to do just that, striking out on their own with an awkwardly named new salon called Xenter Jut, on the 7th floor of the Entertainment Building. With backgrounds in trendy shops like Private I, Headquarters, Hair and Ken Qi, the six co-owners clearly have enough loyal society and celeb clients to afford a Central locale, as their socialite-filled opening party last week showed. In fact, the shop's bizarre name was created by one of coiffeur Paul Hui's most loyal clients.

'Singer Candy Lo Hau-yam came up with it,' Hui (right) says. 'The idea is that 'X' is the centre so we want this to be the centre of Central, and 'Jut' in Chinese is a protruding point. The same way, we want to stand out.'

What makes the salon even more unique is that half of the space caters for foot and body massages. 'That's our idea to be unique. Nobody in Central has really offered that.'