Andrew Sun
Andrew Sun
Andrew Sun has dabbled in many shades of the media spectrum for 25 years, from college radio, TV, print and online columnist to starting film festivals, managing music labels and authoring food books. Someday he will figure what he wants to be when he grows up.

Madagascar the Musical, an adaptation of the hit DreamWorks animation, is coming to Hong Kong. Producer Matthew Gregory talks about the challenges of putting on a big show.

Aaron Chong, sales manager for a wine technology company, shares his favourite Hong Kong restaurants, including where to get the best ‘chicken-based broth ramen’, and a ‘must-go place’ for wine.

Laila Harilela, head of public relations for her family’s hotels group, shares her favourite Hong Kong restaurants, from one serving Cantonese food to a place where ‘everything is perfect’.

The cost of food in Hong Kong has risen, but if your points of reference are the price of imported cheese or the bill for shopping at premium supermarkets, it may be time to stop whining and wise up.


Raised on provincial French and healthy Mediterranean food, Samy Redjeb is a fan of boat noodles, spicy Sichuan fare, dim sum, and pizza. He shares his favourite restaurants in Hong Kong.

Hilda Fung, a noodle ‘addict’, reveals where to find a bowl of tomato soup noodles in Hong Kong that ‘are truly in a league of their own’, and a French bistro to celebrate special moments.

Asian cooks often use offal and offcuts, but true nose-to-tail dining has yet to gain wide acceptance despite 20 years of trying. It will take more than Western diners tucking into bone marrow.

Jaime Ortola, executive chef of Fireside in Hong Kong, reveals his favourite restaurants in the city, from where he eats spam and egg sandwiches to char siu pork, spicy Sichuan, dumplings and more.

Ama executive chef Paolo Monti reveals his favourite restaurants and dishes to eat in Hong Kong, including Taiwanese dumplings, old-school dim sum, Japanese, pho and steak with Italian beef.

Andrew Sun enjoys writing about food because it exists mostly outside today’s highly politicised world, but his recent interview with a Russian restaurateur reminded him that’s not always the case.

New restaurant Liberty Exchange Singapore mixes Asian dishes and styles with Southern barbecue and smokehouse cooking. Hong Kong-based chefs Yong Soo-do and Chris Tuthill talk about what inspired it.

Food influencer Yuki Maryrose Leung reveals where she goes in Hong Kong to eat spicy Chongqing hotpot, boat noodles and British pies – and a go-to place abroad to find ‘one of life’s most delicious dishes’.

Pacific bluefin tuna are nearly extinct, but astute fisheries management has raised Atlantic bluefin tuna numbers so it’s OK to eat it, and by doing so you’re helping biodiversity, a Hong Kong importer says.

Michael ‘Mick’ Bolam, executive chef of Porterhouse in Central, Hong Kong, appreciates ‘honest, uncomplicated, yet refined flavours’. He names his top places to eat in Hong Kong.

A recent meal in a very busy restaurant where the staff were overwhelmed meant dishes took too long to arrive, bills that had mistakes, and a range of reactions from frustrated diners – from calm to full-on ‘Karen’.

Chef Mark Olive, who helped launch Hong Kong’s recent Festival of Australia, talks about how he has been championing indigenous cuisine in Australia for the past 30 years.

Kimberly Kwok grew up eating ‘all the local stuff’ in Hong Kong. She reveals where she goes for her favourite Cantonese, Japanese and Korean food, including pineapple buns with runny eggs and spam.

Alexander Orlov, the Russia-born restaurateur behind some of Dubai’s top restaurants, talks about returning to Hong Kong after past failed ventures, and why he is ‘obsessed’ with the city.

Even as a food writer, Andrew Sun hasn’t been to all of Hong Kong’s ‘top’ restaurants – nor does he want to. Just as colourful Barbie beat complex Oppenheimer at the box office, often the casual option wins.

Where an Italian chef goes for Chinese, Thai and French food and Hong Kong’s best seafood, and where he takes visitors for ‘wontons, noodles, tendons’.

Australian-born fashion designer turned visual artist Jono Toh shares his favourite restaurants in Hong Kong, from a spot he goes to once a week to a hole-in-the-wall place serving a snack that changed his life.

Cindy Chan, marketing manager for an Italian drinks group, grew up eating Chinese food, but discovered a passion for Italian food. She shares her go-to places for fresh pasta, pizza and aperitivo in Hong Kong.

A fellow Post columnist’s comment about it not being easy to find home-grown fruit and vegetables in Hong Kong has riled Andrew Sun, who argues that food from mainland China is basically local.

Paul Hsu looks back on three decades of opening restaurants, including his Nanhai outlets – inspired by explorer Zheng He – and Ye Shanghai, which turns 25 this year.

Former TLC host and Anthony Bourdain go-to Bobby Chinn left the Asian food scene a decade ago. Now the Top Chef Middle East judge is back, and tapping his Egyptian heritage to cook for a Hong Kong festival.

A watch enthusiast shares his top food picks in Hong Kong, including a Korean restaurant with impressive interiors, yakiniku and seafood spots, and a private kitchen with karaoke.

When Rebecca Schrage wanted to turn her Hong Kong shop Schragels Bagels into a New York-style deli, an Italian-American chef helped, and now the restaurant serves ‘outstanding’ bagels and other Jewish dishes.

Making Hong Kong people buy bags in which to dispose of household waste is unlikely to work. Besides, what will I do with all the leftover plastic bags I dispose of trash in now? Throw them away?

The best desserts, chocolate chip cookies, dim sum and brunch in Hong Kong? Adrian Yim, an architect specialising in hospitality design, tells us where to find them.

A modern Cantonese diner, pierogi and pork ribs at a Ukrainian restaurant, Michelin-star char siu – Sharon Chan’s taste in Hong Kong restaurants is eclectic. The auctions director tells us her go-to places.