What is it?

A range of skin, makeup and body products created in Australia 12 years ago. Marketing manager Greg Moses says Natio is a 'mastiche' brand, meaning it's affordable by the masses, but has a pastiche because of its quality ingredients, luxurious scents and loyal following.

Who started it?

Moses says former chemist Max Ross became intrigued by yoga while in India, and pursued the concept of inner well-being and alternative health. Ross came from a cosmetics industry family, and this helped him get Natio off the ground. 'We wanted it to be as natural as possible, with no testing on animals, and no mineral oils or petrochemicals,' Moses says.

What's so good about it?

Natio started out with five hair-care products. 'Now, we have more than 2,000,' Moses says. The average price is $100, which makes it very accessible. 'We use a system called cold pressing, where the best nutrients come from the plant and then they're homogenised into the cream. Mixed with essential oils, you get a very rapidly absorbed product.' Natio uses geranium and lavender extracts for skin tightening (in its anti-ageing range) and a 'more gentle' percentage (5-6 per cent) of lactic acid for a skin 'peeling' effect in other complexion smoothers.

Who buys it?

In Australia, the age range is about 25 to 45 - and Moses says that a lot of those are young women who want a simple routine. 'They can't afford Chanel, but they want to look good,' he says. In Hong Kong, however, he expects the age range to be 16 to 50.

What are its best sellers?

The Natio Antioxidant Hand and Nail Cream ($64) with mandarin, orange, bergamot and lavender is a staple. The Lifting range - a serum ($110), face balm ($97), wrinkle defence cream ($103) - is also popular.

Any other ranges?

The Sensitive Skin range is clinically tested and fragrance-free; the Spa range of bath and body products contains herbal extracts to purify, balance and revitalise; and the Young range is for oily and combination skin. Aromatherapy, firming, smoothing and polishing body products and a makeup range complete the package.

Where can I buy them?

Sasa stores.