Suzanne Harrison

She cut a swathe through the city with tales of royal ancestry, vast wealth and charity work, but her stories have unravelled and now former friends want answers. Her story is similar to that told in Netflix's Inventing Anna.

The ‘clean beauty’ trend began more than 20 years ago, and it was only a matter of time before it spread to make-up. We run the rule over five brands offering ethical, earth-friendly make-up products.


While we all love to vent our thoughts, constant complaining shrinks the part of the brain critical to problem solving and intelligent thought. Experts say there are simple things you can do to control your negative commentary.

Nootropic supplements to sharpen our memory and make us more effective and focused are a growing market – and quite different from so-called smart drugs, whose use doctors discourage. We take a nootropic and feel the effects

David Sedaris found success by writing about his life as a Macy’s Christmas elf. But, as his newly published diaries show, the path to elfdom was winding, troubled and often hilarious

Men Without Women presents damaged characters wrestling with their demons, as attentive narrators elicit revelations. It’s not for everyone, but the Japanese writer’s many fans will know what to expect

Figuring out what kind of products work and which don’t is important, writes Suzanne Harrison.