Endy Chow and Zarahn

Tonight-Sunday, 8pm Shouson Theatre

Endy Chow Kwok-yin and his band, Zarahn, are getting ready to play their first official gigs in Hong Kong since forming 12 years ago.

Chow has made a name as a solo performer since returning to Hong Kong from New Zealand three years ago, and this will be the first chance for many fans to see the band.

He hooked up with guitarist Goro Wong Hiu-fai in Auckland in 1994, naming the band after their guitar teacher. Brothers Joey and Jerry Pui later joined as drummer and bassist, respectively.

'Goro wrote the first song in 1994, says Chow. 'By last year, we had more than 100.'

For this week's concerts, the band will play a selection of Zarahn songs as well as some of Chow's solo numbers. 'Not many people know about Zarahn,' says Wong. 'If they learn about us through Endy and then explore our music, that's a good start.' Earlier this year, the band flew back to Auckland to record some of their favourite compositions, which will be released as an album titled 12A. The tracks, with catchy melodies and blasting guitar riffs, come from the band's early years.

'What we are doing now is more mature and a bit darker, with more progressive and layered arrangements,' says Chow, who is influenced by 1990s grunge bands such as Nirvana and local rock outfit Beyond.

After Chow came back to Hong Kong, Wong and Jerry Pui occasionally supported him during live shows. Zarahn finally reunited in Hong Kong last year, when Jerry Pui returned after finishing his studies, but the band at first didn't think they would go anywhere.

'After Endy returned to Hong Kong and became a singer, I had a feeling we might not have the chance to release a record as Zarahn,' says Wong. 'We're really happy that Endy's record company allowed him to play with us again.'

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