Zhang Ziyi flaunts her Hong Kong residency

Following pianists Lang Lang and Li Yundi, one of Hong Kong's newest residents thanks to the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is actress Zhang Ziyi.

As you may know, the government established the programme in 2006 to recruit more mainlanders with special skills, talents, achievements, and of course money to become residents.

In turn, the successful applicants get the advantage of Hong Kong permanent residency with cheaper taxes and fewer travel restrictions.

Zhang was accepted and received her ID card last week, which was likely one reason why she was in town to attend the gala premiere of Ang Lee's new movie Lust, Caution over the weekend.

According to local media, Zhang was even friendlier than usual on the red carpet, answering questions and posing for pictures. Could that have been because of her new resident status, or - as nastier scribes suggested - was she just trying to steal the spotlight from ingenue Tang Wei?