Business bash for Rock Candy ... and a drive for co-ordination

PUBLISHED : Monday, 02 March, 2009, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 02 March, 2009, 12:00am

True to its rock 'n' roll image, it was smokes, tattoos and beer galore at Rock Candy's get-together at their Soho shop on Friday night, as they previewed their new Back In Black line of diamond, gold and silver bling - with skulls, turntables, headphones and other accessories - as well as some limited edition T-shirts. In fact, it was less a jewellery label cocktail night and more a block party as the hipsters spilled out onto Elgin Street so the self-proclaimed 'rebellious culture collective' and their buddies could light up a fag or two. In addition to some business expansion, Rock Candy's five founding local bad boys - Martin Yeung (far left), Benedict Ku (second from left), Marcus Savage (second from right), Toto Chan (right) and Wing Shya (not pictured) - have added a sixth. Mat Hayward (centre) was invited on board to essentially run the ship. 'All the other guys started this out of passion but they all have day jobs,' Hayward explained. 'I'm friends with all of them and some I've known for over seven years. Since I used to work in marketing for DC Shoes in LA, we talked about working together and I joined in October of 2007. The best way to describe it is they were a car full of ideas but no one was at the wheel. I came on to co-ordinate it all and have a focus. I'm the steering wheel.'