Alfresco living can be stylish

Outdoor living is a stylish affair this autumn, with Everything Under the Sun's latest selection of top international designs of outdoor furnishings for your garden, patio, poolside or rooftop needs.

Shoppers can browse through its 10,000 sqft showroom on the ninth floor of Horizon Plaza to select from a wide range of exclusive brands such as Kettal, Cane-line, Emu, Extremis, Gloster, Tribu and Sunweave, and more.

'We work diligently to bring our customers the latest international trends from around the world, including France, Germany and Italy, and of course Asia, including China, Indonesia and Thailand,' says CEO Janice Ortmann. 'The quality must be of the highest standard, including materials and the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and technologies that Hong Kong outdoor conditions demand.'

Since opening at Horizon Plaza in 1996, Everything Under the Sun has grown into one of the largest suppliers of outdoor furniture for the retail and commercial sectors, supplying not only residences but hotels, clubhouses and restaurants throughout Hong Kong, the mainland and Asia.

Ortmann keeps up with the latest alfresco trends when selecting new items. She says the line between inside and outside standards, and styles of cooking is blurring.

'Definitely people's tastes have changed,' Ortmann says. 'The high standards of indoors have flowed into outdoor living. The new kitchen range uses Corian and stainless steel for the frames, while methods used for cooking are no longer just charcoal or gas, but also include induction cooking. You can now enjoy the same comforts of living indoors on your balcony, rooftop or garden with your friends and family under a blue sky or at night under the moon and stars.'

One of the new high-quality ranges is the Viteo Bandoline Collection of outdoor furniture. Easy to maintain, this eye-catching collection has a modular structure and combines design with functionality. Designed with unconventional materials, the surface is made of Corian, a stone-dust compound known for its durability and quality that is resistant to corrosion and weathering.

Also new is the Viteo Outdoor Kitchen Collection, raising the stakes in outdoor cooking with its wok, grill, teppanyaki and hot plate features. It even has a sink. Corian, teak and stainless steel provide long-lasting cooking performance.

Other items at Everything Under the Sun include shade solutions and gazebos, outdoor lighting, mist fans, planter boxes, outdoor showers and barbecues. It also has a range of outdoor tableware and glasses, insect repellent machines and stylish balcony privacy screens, chairs and beanbags.