Alice Shen
Alice Shen
Alice is a Hong Kong economy and business reporter at the South China Morning Post. Born in central China and raised in the northwestern province of Xinjiang, she studied biology, economics and journalism in Peking University and Boston University.

Insurance company says decision to pull job offer was made for sake of employees but the worker, one of 90 million in China with virus, may be offered alternative role.


Mission gets real for China and its US, Russian, Swedish, German and Dutch partners as Chang’e 4 sends back first panorama photographs of moon’s mysterious far side.

Chang’e 4 uses its unique position on the ‘quiet’ side of the moon to seek out energy emissions that originated at the time the universe was born.

Humankind’s first ‘footprints’ on the far side are captured in photo sent back to Earth as the rover is released to begin mapping the moon’s inner structures and analysing soil and rock samples.

From the myths that inspired the name of the Chang’e landing to the future of space exploration, we take a look at some of the most interesting aspects of this mission.

A study conducted in a part of China where the problem is especially serious suggests that reducing consumption by a quarter could halve death rates.

Lunar lander and rover spacecraft blasts off on Saturday in a challenging mission to explore moon’s lesser-known far side, which could significantly boost the standing of the Chinese space programme.

Nobel laureate biologist David Baltimore and David Liu, a co-inventor of the gene-editing technology used in the experiment, agreed that He Jiankui’s experiment was not medically necessary.

More than 120 researchers sign open letter criticising He Jiankui after he claimed to have been responsible for world’s first gene-edited babies.

Authorities say they were not told about the controversial experiment that researchers claim to have carried out in China. The research – to switch off a HIV-related gene – has not been independently verified.

Officials sacked for negligence as petrochemical company in Fujian province accused of deliberately misleading authorities over extent of contamination

Survey finds salaries are not keeping pace as top institutions focus on returning overseas talent while pressure to publish contributes to workload.

Michael Yu Minhong says he was wrong in remarks about ‘declining moral standards’ caused by ‘depraved’ women, claiming he ‘did not realise both genders play their part for their family and society’.