Bibek Bhandari

An alternative to 798 Art District, a place to satisfy your Cantonese food cravings, a rooftop restaurant you can actually get a table at, some obscure bars - try something new on your next trip to China’s capital

Amid rising incidence of the disease among China’s young and talk of a generation haunted by HIV, use of kits bought from e-commerce sites is on the rise. But counselling is needed too


Kathmandu-based journalist Bibek Bhandari gives a startling account of the panic in the Nepalese capital after another quake struck on Tuesday.

The city is calm under an overcast sky. But there is an eerie feeling. There are hardly any vehicles on the streets and only a few grocery shops are open. People huddle on corners recalling "the big one" as they look at newspapers splashed with images of death, despair and destruction.

For Nepalese burn victim Rita Dangol, the scars on her face and body are a haunting reminder of a twisted love story that ended the night she was engulfed in flames.

When Chandan Shrestha discovered that a 200-year-old house in his Kathmandu neighbourhood was being demolished and replaced by a concrete structure, he intervened before it vanished like many of the other heritage buildings in Nepal's capital.

Nuwakot is the ideal destination for those hankering after an authentic taste of rural Nepal without the tourist hordes, writes Bibek Bhandari.

The Gadhimai temple in southern Nepal is preparing to celebrate its quinquennial festival in which thousands of animals are sacrificed to please the Hindu goddess of power.

Ani Choying Drolma tells Bibek Bhandari about escaping a traumatic childhood to blaze her own trail as a world-famous singer and a philanthropist.


As activists prepare for Nepal's annual gay pride parade, draft laws that would restrict their rights have cast a shadow over the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) population.

In Nepal, quality education, considered to be within an exclusive domain of private schools, comes with a hefty price tag. But one private institution is out to revolutionise the idea of affordable education for all.

As the vibrant Kathputli Colony prepares for redevelopment, its resident puppeteers, snake charmers and street artists fear losing their homes will also destroy their livelihoods, writes Bibek Bhandari.


An animal welfare group in Nepal has concluded an experiment with Google Glass to help track and document the characteristics of endangered rhinos as part of efforts to combat poaching.


Most teenagers have books in their backpacks, but Ashokur Rahman's bag has his most-prized possessions: a refugee card from the UNHCR, and a single-entry visa from the Indian government that expires in 2015.

Chanira Bajracharya was once a living goddess. As a Kumari, she lived in a temple, was carried on a chariot during festivals and worshipped by thousands of Hindus and Buddhists.

En route to a historic climb of Mount Nanda Devi, people told Harshwanti Bisht that the sacred peak didn't accept women. But Bisht and two others became the first female mountaineers to reach the summit of India's highest peak in 1981.

After a bath, on the fifth day of her menstrual cycle, Sunita BK said she was “cleansed” and ready to return to her house. For the past four days, BK, 19, had been forced to live in a makeshift shed known as a “goth” that serves as a temporary confinement for women during menstruation. 

Despite severe stomachache, Gorakh Bahadur Saud walked for three hours to reach Bayalpata Hospital in Accham in rural Nepal where he was diagnosed with an intestinal obstruction so severe that it required surgery to prevent a rupture.

In past decades, Nepal has suffered the loss of hundreds of its gods and goddesses. But a Nepali artist is on a mission to return the smuggled deities home - if not in their originally sculpted forms, then as replicas.

The south side of Kathmandu's tourist hub of Thamel has transformed itself into a cluster of Chinese commerce - restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, shops and even a hospital in this backpackers' haven are strictly targeting Nepal's northern neighbours.

Despite living in Nepal for more than three decades, obtaining permanent residency and giving up his British citizenship, Lieutenant Colonel John Philip Cross (Retired) said he had yet to become a Nepali national.