• The kingdom raised the fee to US$200 a visitor per night from US$65 when Covid restrictions ended last year, the new US$100 rate starts next month
  • Bhutan is wary of the impact of mass tourism and bans mountain climbing to preserve its peaks, so the Sustainable Development Fee limits visitor numbers

There’s around a 20cm difference between children in the tallest and shortest nations, studies have found. Genes are part of the reason, but environmental factors such as poor diet could be more important.

Nepal’s ex-home minister, Balkrishna Khand was arrested for his role in a scam that duped young Nepalese out of money on the promise they would be sent to the US as refugees from Bhutan.


The Trans Bhutan Trail, used for centuries for travel between villages in the Himalayan kingdom, fell into disrepair. Now it has been restored and reopened – a boon to natives and visitors alike.

She met her to-be husband when she was just seven and he was 17, but got married at 21 … what else do you know about Bhutan’s beautiful “Dragon” Queen Jetsun Pema?

The country of fewer than 800,000 people – known for its fabulous mountain vistas, untouched forests and imposing Buddhist monasteries – will start allowing international tourists back in from next month.


The tiny Himalayan nation is grappling with the effects of soaring oil and grain prices, and a strict zero-Covid policy that has barred foreign tourists for the past two years. Its foreign exchange reserves have dwindled to less than US$970 million.

Until February last year, same-sex activity was defined as ‘conduct against the laws of nature’ in the Buddhist country’s penal code. Now, Tashi Choden is representing Bhutan at Miss Universe – as the nation’s only openly gay public figure.

Readers discuss how Bhutan offers a good lesson in energy sufficiency and national happiness, and suggest ways to help Hongkongers opt out of circular mail.

Bhutan’s fourth death from Covid-19 ‘felt like a bullet’, said its doctor-prime minister, as dozens now die from the disease in Australia every day. Elsewhere, New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern is self-isolating, and Manila is set to ease curbs as cases drop.

This year, we looked at Queen Elizabeth’s surprisingly fuss-free dining habits, delved into the story behind Kate Middleton’s engagement ring and much more

It sounds like a Netflix romcom – Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria fell in love with her personal trainer and Bhutan’s teenage Dragon King promised a 7-year-old girl he would marry her if they were both still single when they grew up

Lisa Curtis, the US National Security Council’s senior director for South and Central Asia, ticked off a list of countries bordering or near China with which the US is strengthening ties economically and militarily.


Smaller countries have tried to avoid being dragged into hostility between New Delhi and Beijing, but observers say neutrality will become harder to maintain.


For off-grid experiences that offer solitude and the chance for reflection, try the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar, the grasslands of Mongolia, and the Himalayan vistas of Bhutan.

The annual Lonely Planet Best in Travel book names Bhutan as the ‘best country’ to visit for 2020, with England and North Macedonia listed in second and third place, respectively. We find out why.

Study by US scientists based on 44 years of satellite imagery says changes to seasonal run-offs pose growing threat to water supplies for 800 million people.