Who attends a foreign leader’s funeral is not simply a matter of diplomatic protocol, it is also an indicator of the state of relations between two countries.

Military corruption is being discussed at the parliamentary sessions in Beijing, with several PLA delegates conducting high-profile media interviews describing examples of misconduct in striking detail.

China is highly sensitive to any negative news concerning its leaders, and maintains the tightest of procedures for the release of such information.

As economic growth slows and the property sector cools, the mainland is relying on more entrepreneurs, especially younger ones, to be creative and brave enough to turn their ideas into profitable businesses.

Debate is rising about whether China should scrap annual gross domestic product goals following Shanghai mayor Yang Xiong's announcement that the city had ditched its official target for this year.

President Xi Jinping sought to silence critics at both ends of the political spectrum on Friday by using a Politburo study session to underscore his commitment to Marxism and socialism, analysts said.

Organised crime has infiltrated government agencies to collude with corrupt officials in the coal-rich province of Shanxi, one of the main targets of the central government’s extensive anti-corruption drive.