Chris Luo
Chris Luo
Chris Luo is a Beijing native. He lived in Indiana, U.S. for four years before moving to Hong Kong to study journalism at Hong Kong Baptist University. He joined SCMP in 2012 as a website producer.

A face-slapping, expletive-laced fight involving two Chinese-speaking women and a Singaporean man triggered outcry among internet users in the city-state.


A Chinese male driver in the southwestern city of Chengdu was captured on film intercepting a woman’s car and dragging her out of her seat, throwing her on the ground, before savagely kicking her several times on the head.


A university student in southern China’s Fujian province has been detained for rearing nine pythons at his home after buying snake eggs off the internet.

A Singaporean student, originally from mainland China and on a scholarship at Stanford University in the US, has been charged in a California court with poisoning her classmates.

A 17-year-old Singapore amateur actor who appeared in a video clip celebrating the death of former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew has been detained by police, local media reported.

A narrow cave on a desolate mountain can hardly be called home sweet home. But it’s just that for a Chinese migrant worker who has sacrificed comfort to be able to save for his family.

A measles outbreak has hit a major office building in the capital, with at least 23 people infected, according to the city's health authorities.

Police departments in three Chinese provinces were forced to defend themselves after images surfaced online apparently showing policemen beating up citizens.

Growing air pollution levels in China's cities have been the flip side to these past decades’ economic boom. Through official data collected from the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) website, we take a look at one of the country’s gravest public health hazards.

Heavy fog and air pollution were forecast for Beijing and central China on Thursday and Friday, the National Meteorological Centre warned on Wednesday as air quality plunged in the capital.

Over half a million people joined hands to contribute their voice through social media to add a human touch to the audio books made for blind children in China.

After a bad year that saw him sidelined by the authorities, his television shows suspended and his club closed, one of China's most prominent entertainment industry figures now finds himself busy fending off rumours that he has been investigated for corruption amid President Xi Jinping's wide-reaching anti-corruption campaign.

Allegations of misconduct against a former employee just 40 hours before his new venture was due to list on the Nasdaq have created a media backlash against NetEase.

A Chinese internet giant has accused a former employee of misconduct and corruption less than two days before the planned Nasdaq listing of the latter's company, scheduled for Thursday.

The premiere of Chinese movie director and actor Jiang Wen’s highly anticipated film Gone With The Bullets has been delayed due to censorship concerns, the production company said on Monday.


Beijing's legislature has passed a ban on smoking in all indoor public places and offices, a move that comes as the mainland weighs similar restrictions at the national level, state media reported.

Beijing's municipal legislature has passed a smoking ban for all indoor public places and offices, amid China's planned consultations for implementing such restrictions nationwide.

Beijing will discuss the feasibility of permanently banning vehicles from the roads on alternating days based on their number plates, after a relatively successful test drive.

China’s most influential overseas pirated-video website has suspended operations - reportedly due to increasing pressure from copyright authorities.

Debate has heated up in China over concerns on whether the United States’ recent relaxation of its visa scheme for Chinese citizens will speed up the exodus of talent and capital from the country.

Thirteen luxury car owners from Hong Kong were arrested on the mainland after reaching speeds of up to 251km/h in an illegal race on the highway connecting Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Hunan province will try a group of six people accused of targeting officials with a sex tape blackmail scheme, amid accusations that local police officers also took part in the alleged blackmail.

A mainlander admitted physically assaulting a senior South China Morning Post editor, but created a drama in court yesterday by challenging his victim's claims before letting the case rest.

Pilots of a Beijing-bound China Eastern Airlines flight declared an emergency when smog forced the plane to divert and it was refused permission to land by two alternative airports.

Smartphones that last twice as long before they need to be recharged could become reality after a US tech start-up revealed a portable battery with double the capacity of those on the market.

A new generation of aircraft expected to form the backbone of the Chinese air force have purportedly been captured on film and posted online by military enthusiasts.

More than 270,000 people in China have backed a suggestion to impose sanctions against Hong Kong celebrities who voice support for pro-democracy protests in the city.