Christy Choi
Christy Choi
Christy Choi is a news reporter for the South China Morning Post covering science and technology. Before the SCMP, she worked for the Phnom Penh Post and Time, writing about sharks helping tame lionfish invasions, mealybug infestations, human trafficking and the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami, among others. As a former contemporary arts curator, she has a soft spot for the arts, and while science is her beat at the Post, she won’t say no to a good yarn about pretty much anything under the sun. Reach her on Twitter @jchristychoi

The Mahjong is a hip new hostel in To Kwa Wan, one of the city's few surviving traditional districts - all tenements, street cafes and little old grannies.


Fast-fashion chain puts up million euro prizes for ideas to update the way garments are designed, produced, shipped, bought, used and recycled, writes Christy Choi

New book tells the army of people working outside their birth country the right questions to ask about where they're heading.

Beijing's tough air pollution reduction measures for the 2008 Olympics had an unintended benefit: heavier baby birth weights, a study has reported.

The chief scientific adviser to the British government tells Christy Choi about helping Japan deal with the Fukushima disaster how nuclear power can benefit Hong Kong.

Daughter of the Hong Kong martial arts legend tells Christy Choi about what she learned from him and putting his face on a line of instant drinks.

The Women's Commission is under fire for failing to do its duty to advance the lot of women in Hong Kong - from Anson Chan Fang On-sang, the woman who announced its setting up.

The government should relax the rules on leases for private animal shelters so that stray dogs don't end up on "death row" every few years, a kennel owner says.

For Hong Kong youngsters more comfortable with computer games it might not seem the obvious place for a summer outing, but a trampoline park in Quarry Bay is proving a big hit.

Women may outnumber men in Hong Kong, but the upper echelon of the civil service remains a man's world, figures published by the Census and Statistics Department yesterday show.

Stronger than aluminium, yet cheaper and lighter than steel. These are the claims made for a new material developed by Hong Kong researchers, who say it could replace steel and cement in buildings.

The Foreign Correspondents' Club has called on Beijing to ensure a fair trial for two of its members accused of illegally buying and selling private information.

It's what every fashionable cow is wearing - and it could save their lives. Feral cows on Lantau Island and in Sai Kung are being fitted with light-reflecting collars to improve safety on rural roads after a spate of accidents.

A controversial bill to allow transgender people to marry in their chosen sex will not be passed before the Legislative Council's summer recess begins this month.

If you boot up your computer today and search for something on the internet, the chances are you may stumble acorss the first ever 'Google Doodle' to be designed by a Hong Kong teenager.

A transgender man will challenge the government over its controversial Marriage (Amendment) Bill, which would force transgender people to undergo a dangerous sex-change operation in order to be recognised as their chosen gender and allowed to marry.

Two torture victims from Africa who have been seeking asylum in Hong Kong for the past nine years have been granted refugee status in Canada within a year of applying.

Hong Kong internet users and psychologists have accused Facebook of acting unethically after learning that it secretly manipulated the emotions of its members as part of a psychological experiment.

A project being launched this week aims to help boost the growth of technology start-ups in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region. Venturetec, an "accelerator", is accepting applications to a six-to-12-month programme that will link 12 to 15 start-ups with 10 or so major corporate partners.

Eighty dogs given stay of execution as kennel granted lease extension - but cash needed to pay for rent and new premises in Ma On Shan.

Asylum seekers rallied at the Star Ferry pier in Central yesterday, protesting over their poor living conditions and asking for the right to work.

Facebook users in Hong Kong feared a 30-minute blackout yesterday was part of cyberattacks that have been linked to the Occupy Central movement.

An advertisement for domestic helper insurance starring a Chinese man as a Filipino maid has been withdrawn after it was condemned as racist – but the bank responsible insisted it never intended to cause offence.


With his release of information that the US National Security Agency were scooping up users' mobile data indiscriminately, Edward Snowden kicked off a global debate on privacy and surveillance that is likely to resonate for years to come.

After talking about death for two hours straight, customers departed the Death Cafe full of life. The crowd consisted of ordinary Hongkongers intent on addressing the taboo subject - over cake and a cup of tea.

The British consul-general is asking the Hong Kong authorities to clarify whether same-sex marriages can take place at the consulate.

Confusion is reigning over whether same-sex couples can be wed at the British consulate, after the Hong Kong government appeared to distance itself from claims that it objected to the conduct of such unions.

Hong Kong's first multidisciplinary bioethics centre is due to open next year, adding a philosophical element to the city's already booming medical research scene.

Same-sex marriages will be allowed at British consulates in China, Russia, Azerbaijan and 20 other countries, but not in Hong Kong, according to the local consulate.

Ever wondered what you would look like dangling from the top of the Bank of China building? Visitors will be able to see for themselves when the Hong Kong 3-D Museum opens next month.

Two education scholars are behind a series of general studies textbooks that have sparked bitter controversy for their racially stereotypical contents.

"Ba ba ba, ba banana, Ba ba ba, ba banana, bananaaaa," they sing to the tune of The Beach Boys' Barbara Ann. The silly refrain from the minions of the movie Despicable Me sums up the kind of playful fun that keeps the Hong Kong a cappella group Lasagna going.


A Hong Kong-born woman who became Britain's first ethnic Chinese parliamentarian says her decision to quit politics - and possibly her adopted home - reflects a growing hostility to foreigners and the rise of far-right politics across Europe.

In a two-part special report, the South China Morning Post examines the challenges of keeping Hong Kong's water supply flowing and clean.

The Hong Kong foundation handing out the annual multimillion-dollar Shaw Prize has defended the role of such awards in spurring scientific progress, as it announced this year's winners.

It may be oppressively hot and humid outside, but inside City University's school of creative media, icebergs loom and 3-D patterns inspired by the Aurora Australis, or the Southern Lights, play across the walls of a 360-degree theatre.

Windows are still falling from multimillion-dollar flats at a luxury development in Ap Lei Chau, more than 18 months after the first cases were reported.

A more complete picture of Hong Kong - including all the off-street nooks and crannies - will soon be available online in 3-D, via mapping developed by the University of Science and Technology.

Hongkongers may not have noticed it but the average global temperature last month tied with 2010 for the warmest April on record.

For over a decade, local NGOs and lawyers aiding the city's refugee community have been calling for a revamp of the system that decides whether refugees stay or go.

You're not thinking straight if you believe a tax on wine will reduce alcohol consumption among young people, bars and restaurants say.

With the billion-dollar medical equipment market in China expected to grow, buyers from around the world filled the halls of the Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai last week, where the latest medical equipment and devices were on display.

As a celebrated "dog whisperer", Cesar Millan knows a thing or two about animal behaviour. But often it's the owner he needs to teach. According to him, Hongkongers who say dogs are too much of a handful for their hectic lifestyles are only making excuses.

Where is the nearest WC when you need it? We made a map using data provided through the makers of the Toilet Rush app (map in Chinese).

Companies in Hong Kong are turning to laughter to cure their employees' blues, hiring giggle specialists to tackle grumblings about lay-offs and high-stress work environments.

"Public education at points of entry could be useful," said WTO's Singapore founder, Jack Sim Ruihua, following the controversy sparked by an online video of a mainland couple allowing their toddler to go to the toilet in a busy Mong Kok street.

Japanese electronics manufacturer Sony has announced the start date of its programme to replace faulty laptop batteries that could overheat and catch fire.

This past week's severe weather problems in Hong Kong - which led to widespread flooding, huge hailstones showering down on the city and flights delayed or cancelled - showed the city needs a detailed strategy so the different responses of the government, businesses and organisations are carefully co-ordinated.

Non-profit group Safecast has been gathering data on radiation levels in Japan since the 2011 earthquake and Fukushima nuclear disaster. They have been to Hong Kong several times, driving around in cars with Geiger counters to measure the radiation levels in some of the city's most heavily populated areas.

Pressure is mounting on welfare providers for asylum seekers after a High Court judge granted a temporary injunction forcing them to help a woman who is six months pregnant and living on the streets with her family.

The Chinese Arts and Crafts chain appears to have bowed to public pressure and is no longer selling elephant ivory in its Hong Kong stores. "We only sell mammoth tusk," an employee of the company said, but declined to elaborate.

Two companies, ANXBTC Bitcoin and the Bitcoin Group Hong Kong, both announced yesterday that they plan to launch ATMs within days. While ANX has yet to decide on a location, the Bitcoin Group's first machine will be in operation today at Mr Bing, a Chinese pancake restaurant, in Central.


Based on concerns that women and art history were both under-represented in the popular online encyclopedia, a group of about 20 volunteers came together to create and edit 11 entries for female artists who have made their mark on the local arts scene.

North Korea yesterday expelled to Beijing the Hong Kong-based missionary it had accused of distributing religious materials. Australian John Short, 75, was released after penning a confession apologising for spreading Bible tracts.


Refugees say the Social Welfare Department is failing in its duty to protect asylum seekers and attempting to cover up a misuse of public funds. About 50 protesters gathered outside the department's offices, calling for an investigation into alleged collusion between the department and vendors and landlords providing what they say is substandard food and accommodation.

Lawmaker Dennis Kwok plans to seek a meeting with the North Korean consul in Hong Kong in an effort to help a 75-year-old Australian expat missionary based in the city who has not been heard from since being questioned while on a tour of the nation last week.