"Hello, I'm your alarm today," whispers a Scottish man in my ear. "You are so beautiful when you wake up," says a British boy-next-door minutes later. "Tu veux un café, mon amour," asks a Frenchman shortly after.

No, I haven't woken up sandwiched between three hunks (a girl can dream); I've downloaded the Morning Man Alarm Clock app, created by New York-based photographer Grace Huang.

"Several years ago, I met a Spanish male model who had the most wonderful voice. My fashion stylist recorded a romantic message from him for me," says Huang. "Years later, the idea came back to me and I developed it into the Morning Man Alarm Clock."

Huang spent 10 months this year auditioning hundreds of men before finding the right voice for each nationality.

"I wanted men who sounded romantic and sexy, but also familiar, like a man you knew or were involved with," she says.

Each night, users select the nationality of the man who will be waking them up.

"Right now, I find the Italian man the most romantic and the Scotsman makes me laugh. The Brazilian is the sexiest," says Huang.

The free to download app comes with two complimentary voices, French and American. The rest can be unlocked for 99 US cents. The alarm clock is not available on Android and won't work if your phone is on silent mode.

For men craving a similar experience, the Gentleman's Alarm Clock features the sexy voices of some 26 women with names such as "Alexis C" or "Nikki B".

The men's app costs HK$8 to download for iPhone and Android, and comes with two voices: from there it costs US$1 per voice.