Douglas Kerr

This sequel to Sarah Thornton's excellent Seven Days in the Art World lifts the lid on the contemporary art scene again, in order to examine the strange life-forms within.

Nigel Collett is an admirer of the late singer-actor Leslie Cheung, and has written a sympathetic and well-researched biography without being overwhelmed by the glamour of his subject.

Do you know your erscheinung from your eidôlon? What is the pertinent distinction between zôê and bios? Are you experiencing desengaño? What do you propose to do about the modern episteme?


If you lived at the time of Jesus and were looking round for a basis for your spiritual life, you would have found plenty to choose from.

Ping Fu has two lives. Although they are interleaved in this memoir, Bend, Not Break is really two books in familiar genres: the Cultural Revolution narrative, and the immigrant success story.

The US State Department was recently asked to translate a message in Dzongkha sent to President Barack Obama by the King of Bhutan. The translator it found, however, refused the assignment.

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