Gemma Soames

At 61, Japanese entrepreneur who trained with Yohji Yamamoto and makes mannish ‘but not masculine’ clothes for career women, has written a book about the ideas he lives and designs by


If fashion is a barometer for our current state of mind, then the mood on the street right now is rather relaxed. In quite the turnaround, years of body-con dresses, super high heels, the bling, glitz and glamour have given way to a looser, more relaxed silhouette this summer.

With a global fashion, floristry and pastry empire to manage on top of her conservation, artistic and philanthropic commitments, Agnès Troublé has no time for shopping or shows - not that she'd have it any other way, finds Gemma Soames.

With temperatures rising and new stock on shelves, it's time to master this season's key trends. Five top stylists tell Gemma Soames how to work the stand-out looks for summer.

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