Gordon Oldham
Gordon Oldham
Gordon Oldham is Senior Partner, OLN Oldham, Li & Nie – Solicitors. He is a veteran Hong Kong lawyer, who arrived in the city in 1978 and formed OLN Oldham, Li & Nie - Solicitors in 1987, which currently has over 45 lawyers and legal professionals. In addition, Gordon is a businessman. He has been involved as a principal in a number of start-up ventures including creating MTV Asia, being the Publisher of Forbes (Chinese edition), Capital Magazine and a host of other titles. He has also built the hotel group, The Pavilions, with properties in Europe and Asia, a dedicated software venture and various related real estate developments. He has worked extensively in Thailand, Indonesia and Japan and is...

Hong Kong is rightly proud of its legal system, but like a lovely old Rolls-Royce, it is very expensive, slow and in desperate need of an overhaul, especially when it comes to dealing with civil cases.

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