Han Huang
Han Huang
Han Huang is an interactive graphic designer for the Post. Prior to joining the Post, she worked for Reuters Graphics in New York and Singapore after graduating from the University of Miami with a master degree in Journalism.

Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia aims to show the world how strong China and Russia relations are. According to Xi and Putin, it is a friendship with ‘no limits’.


China has been hit by its most severe heatwave in six decades, exacerbating a drought that has had an impact on food and factory production, power supplies and transport across a vast area of the country.

Hong Kong has plenty of land, but not much for housing. A visual guide to the city’s 30 years of land sale record from residential properties to commercial usage.

Smaller than a prison cell, more than 200,000 people live in extremely cramped conditions and spend years waiting for public rental housing.

In 1972 the first visit to the communist country by then-US president Richard Nixon is what Nixon described as “The week that changed the world.”

Ninety lawmakers are to be elected on the December 19 Legislative Council election, from 153 candidates running in three sets of constituencies.

1.42 million Chinese are studying abroad but US visas are being revoked as tensions escalate during the pandemic. How will it impact the international education sector and China's domestic job market?

 A data visualisation showing how China’s BeiDou global navigation system works and how it stacks up against GPS, GLONASS and Galileo

Just when China’s capital was thought to be coronavirus-free, a second wave of coronavirus has been traced to a wholesale market in Beijing. 

Curated by SCMP's infographics team, the collection covers interactive charts and images of the coronavirus' cases, symptoms, preventive measures and economic stimulus packages.

During the coronavirus crisis, Carrie Lam’s leadership has seen her popularity rise slightly and she still has two years of her term left to turn things around.