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Latest news, features and analysis on Hong Kong housing, including policy and efforts to find a solution to the problem of a shortage of homes in the world’s most expensive property market.

  • Hong Kong Settlers Housing Corporation says current residents of Tai Hang Sai Estate will be given until March 2024 to move out and surrender units
  • About 1,300 flats in redevelopment will rehouse existing tenants, with 2,000 allocated to Urban Renewal Authority to be sold as so-called starter homes

Readers discuss the unauthorised removal of a load-bearing wall in a Lohas Park flat, the benefits of law reform by an independent commission, and the suspected looting of WWII war graves.


In the past year, Singapore’s median private-sector home price increased more than 8 per cent, while Hong Kong’s median home price fell 8.7 per cent, according to a new report.


Government urged to adopt strategy of getting businesses or statutory bodies to rent out premises at low costs for welfare groups to conduct activities helping poor.

Villa Ellenbud, which was built in the 1920s and is a Grade III historic building, has been acquired by Christopher Marcus Gradel, official documents show.

Readers discuss the Western foreign policy focus on Russia and China, how the stigma of mental health issues affect medical workers, the rise in Covid-19 cases in Hong Kong, and the needs of the local poor.

A third property consultancy has joined a growing chorus that believes prices are destined to slide as sales sputter after a recovery in the first quarter proved short-lived.

Historically high lending rates did not deter buyers from purchasing more than half the available flats at the In One Above project by Chinachem Properties and MTR Corporation on Sunday.

Readers discuss the need for balance between housing development and recreational facilities, the challenge of getting Cathay Pacific back to profitability, and a potential ally in facilitating contentious developments.

The land is expected to yield about 450 flats – some with a sea view – in an area popular among young expats, as the first government tender process of this financial year gets under way.

Readers discuss Hong Kong Disneyland’s losses over the years, how to tackle the rise of mental health problems among students, and the impact of the Biden laptop controversy.

After a 7 per cent rise in the first quarter, sales have now slumped and sellers are slashing prices to get deals done amid a ‘downward trend’ that will last through the year, according to agents and analysts.

With Hong Kong set to face a shortage of over 60,000 residences for the elderly by 2032, the government needs to create enough accommodation to defuse the ‘huge social problem’, according to JLL’s Wendy Chan.


Readers discuss the reality of English teaching in a globalised world, the validity of the argument against using the golf course for housing, the daily annoyance of junk calls, and what Turkish voters should demand of their new government.